Allied Wallet and its Founder Andy Khawaja Includes AliPay to Growing Payment Platform

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Allied Wallet is a global leading provider of mainstream online payment processing. It is one of the most recognized platforms for providing multi-currency merchant services. Not just this, it is equally popular for being a PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway. The best thing about this platform is that it now accepts AliPay – a leading third-party online payment solution from China. Allied Wallet innovated their platform to add the online payment processing to their list of accepted global payment methods and simplify transactions between China, the United States, and thus, spreader all over the world.

Allied Wallet: Widening the horizon of business

Allied Wallet has been known for accepting basic Visa and MasterCard credit or debit cards that have now become more of a necessity for doing business these days. It is important to remember how impactful it can be to widen your horizon as a business owner. Allied Wallet also offers accept payments from China and other regions. Quite a lot of people use PayPal and accept it as the only standard medium in online transactions. However, AliPay surpassed them as the world’s largest mobile payment platform in the year 2013.

Allied Wallet operates in 196 countries with more than 150 million users accepting AliPay is a very valuable new addition to the platform, Allied Wallet. The internet has connected people across all nations. This global marketplace has actually made Allied Wallet quite happy to support that! The new partnership of Allied Wallet with AliPay has actually helped the company to connect millions upon millions of users. It has raised the business of this online payment service provider even more than it already does in the market. He has also helped the Allied Wallet to grow global economies,” said Dr. Andy Khawaja, the CEO of Allied Wallet.

Allied Wallet with Ali Pay: Growing up as the state-of-the-art payment platform

A large number of people might have never heard of AliPay, but to utter surprise, it was found that AliPay has more than 520,000,000 users all around the world. Allied Wallet and its CEO Andy Khawaja are happy to give these users an opportunity to experience their state-of-the-art payment platform, thus, offering the company to earn a huge revenue right after its partnership. Undoubtedly, it paved a path of success for Allied Wallet.

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