Allied Wallet and its journey over the years from Dr Ahmad Khawaja

ahmad khawaja
ahmad khawaja

Dr Ahmad Khawaja has been the mastermind behind the success of this organization, Allied Wallet. It was all because of his strong efforts and dedication that has helped the company reach such heights of success. We have heard the CEO, Dr Ahmad Khawaja talk quite a lot about the journey of him being an entrepreneur as well as the organization in several public forums, and he also added in different publications that he does it to motivate the young minds, the ones who have been aspiring to become new entrepreneurs. 

He also says that Allied Wallet has got a long way to go, and he and his team will definitely make it happen. He even says that the journey so far has not been easy, and they had to go through a lot of hardships as well, but nothing could defeat his strong will power and zeal to win. He further assures the customers and the merchants that Allied Wallet is constantly working towards improving its services and with technological innovation coming along the way, there’s a lot more ahead.

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Interviewer: How did Allied Wallet grow up over the years?

Dr Ahmad Khawaja: Dr Khawaja said that while he started this organisation, one of the biggest issues that people had to face was to deal with the fraudulent activities that were very common to the digital payments’ industry. This is when he took up the challenge to come up with something that can help people make transactions at ease. He further mentioned that when Allied Wallet started its journey, the first and foremost sight that the CEO had was to come up with an idea that can meet the requirements of the people as well as ensure that the solution is able to offer the best of the security to its clients. 

Once the motif proved to be successful and the payment gateway was launched, Allied Wallet didn’t stop its journey beyond that! It kept on working ahead, and thus, came up with an idea which we now know by the name of different products such as virtual wallet, next gen gateway, pre-paid cards and more. Also, the CEO himself, Dr Ahmad Khawaja has mentioned that the company is looking forward to come up with more innovations in the coming days so that the merchants and customers are able to avail solutions with more and more add-ons. 

Interviewer: Which all difficulties did you face in the journey of Allied Wallet?

Dr Ahmad Khawaja: Allied Wallet started with the sole savings of its CEO. Dr Ahmad Khawaja clearly stated in one of his interviews that Allied Wallet did not have any sort of investor funding at the time og startup. He further said that he did start Allied Wallet with his own funds and the fact that he had a firm belief on his own dedication that the organisation is definitely going to achieve success one fine day.

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