Android 11 developer preview site starts up briefly, launches quickly by Google


Android 10 is still quite new, but it seems that work on Android 11 has already begun and it is possible that it will soon be ready in its Avatar Developer Preview. At least that is what Google's last false step suggests. Google reportedly updated its website for Android developers with full preview of the developer for Android 11. Unfortunately, the home page for Android 11 Developer Preview was listed only for a small interval before being removed . And before your pulse accelerates, there was no mention of any notable new features that Android 11 will bring to the table, nor downloadable content.

According to an Android Police report, the Android developer site was briefly updated with a page titled Android 11 Developer Preview. The page told developers to prepare their applications for Android 11. In addition, he mentioned that the successor of Android 10 will come with stronger protection for user privacy. More importantly, it also suggests that Android 11 will introduce extended support for folding devices, which sounds promising and suggests that folding phones are here to stay.

The site also mentions configuration guides and other relevant information for developers looking to test Android 11 and prepare their applications for the next major version of Android. Reportedly, the linked external pages on the Android 11 developer preview site now deleted were blank. But as mentioned earlier, Google lowered the page, while the URL now redirects users to the Android 10 Developer Preview page.

While nothing of great importance can be extracted for end users from the short list, the Android 11 Developer Preview site that is activated is a sign that it is ready. However, it would be surprising if Google launches the preview for Android 11 developers in the short term, as it would be well ahead of the company's regular schedule compared to Android 10. If you're not familiar, Google generally runs a Long test phase before making a new Android official versions at its annual Google I / O event, and that usually happens in May. Developer-specific compilations are released in March, while the stable launch begins in the second half of the year.



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