Anna Vakili had breast surgery cancelled

Anna Vakili has been in the news for quite some time now! The Love Island star, Anna Vakili had revealed the story about her upcoming breast reduction surgery. The private hospital has taken in Covid 19 patients to ease the pressure on the NHS services. Her upcoming breast surgery is cancelled and there has been a lot of discussion on the same of late. This 30 years old former Love Island star has admitted that she was disappointed at the cancellation but they could not complain after her private hospital did begin taking in the patients battling the coronavirus to help the NHS. 

Anna Vakili cancelled her breast surgery recently. According to our sources, we recrived a few updates on the same. They addressed those 1.2 million followers on Thursday itself and Anna was seen to be enjoying a sunny walk with Mandi, her sister when she had learnt about the cancellation. The reality star then did allow out a long groan when she was seen to be reacting to the news while she was enjoying her walk. We cannot actually complain as it has been cancelled since the NHS hospitals are overflowing with the Covid patients so that the private hospitals had to take up the patients. She further added on to it saying that she has been a little bit disappointed for she cannot actually understand, may be she is just meant to have big t****s! 

Anna started to lose her sensation in the chest

Anna did hope to remove her breast implants as she started to lose her sansation in the chest. The reality star did not reveal if she had seen a rescheduled date for the process or wherher she would need to wait! Cases of coronavirus started surging in the UK, thereby pointing the NHS to the breaking point within a few weeks. The county has also recorded more than 1000 daily deaths in this week from the Covid 19 for the very first time since the month of April irrespective of that huge rush in the UK vaccination programme. Consequently, there was an increment in the number of cancelled surgeries across the nation as the health services rally to discover space in order to move the Coronavirus patients. 


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Mandi and Anna had now-cancelled the procedures after the reality star had revealer that her entire family did contract for Covid 19. She explained the virus at the time as the worst she had ever had, and thus, she was feeling better. Lastly, Anna had also offered an update regarding the health of her family just a few weeks that her dad had collapsed on the Boxing Day. She even told her fans that her mom is feeling much better and the fact that her dad has been better as if he is not bound with the bed any further, and certainly, that’s a great news for both her as well as her family.

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