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Andhra Pradesh Micro Irrigation Project (APMIP) is a unique project that is implemented into the state with a bigger perspective. This is one of the first comprehensive project introduced in AP for the past 17 years. This was primarily launched in the year 2003 and is aimed at improving the economic condition of the poor farmers across the state. 

What is the sole purpose of this APMIP project?

Andhra Pradesh Micro Irrigation Project (APMIP) is certainly a great initiative of the state government and is done with the provision to conserve water, by bringing additional area into cultivation with the availability of water resources and more. There are a lot behind this initiative which includes taking steps towards enhancing the productivity of crop within the state. It also leads to greater production and making high quality food ingredients available in the market. Furthermore, this project also facilitates the judicious usage of ground water and minimising the cost of cultivation. It even looks after the saving of power consumption in the farms through the incorporation of modern irrigation methods and adoption of latest technologies. In a nutshell, the sole motto of this project is to maximise the production, both in terms of quantity and quality while minimising the expense of production through modern techniques. 

Analysing the gap in horticulture industry

Since India is a state of agriculture, where a major proportion of the population is involved in horticulture and farming, it is important to understand that the government is taking steps to help out the poor and the dependent so that they can improve their practices. Although, it is a source of bread for a lot of people across India, there is still a crisis due to poor quality and low productivity in these sectors. Educating the farmers have become the need of the hour and in order to do so, the government is ought to have a clear idea of the existing gap. This is being sought by the implementation of new practices and conduction of surveys to help the farmers so that things become easier and the production is raised while maintaining the quality of the products as well. 

APMIP login – Andhra Pradesh Horticulture AP MIP application

The Andhra Pradesh government has recently started with this new MIP website for login. All the farmers need to address to the official web portal which is https://horticulturedept.ap.gov.in/. The Andhra Pradesh Micro Irrigation Project which is commonly abbreviated as APMIP horticulture project is launched under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana, department of Horticulture, State government of Andhra Pradesh. One may easily login to the official website and check the reports or see through the farmers surveys. 

APMIP login – Andhra Pradesh Horticulture AP MIP – horticulture.ap.gov.in

The farmers and other registered users can easily login to the AP Horticulture APMIP portal by using the simple method that is mentioned below. The steps are not difficult and you need to follow the exact guidelines to be able to login. Read on…

How to sign in at the APMIP login portal?

Just like you sign in to any other web portal, the process is quite similar here as well. Just go through the below mentioned steps and perform accordingly. 

  • At first, visit the horticulturedept.ap.gov.in
  • Now, you will need to open the APMIP new homepage
  • Go to the Menu section from there
  • Click on the Login link mentioned
  • Enter the APMIP user name and write the password
  • Once done, click on the login button right below

In case you do not remember the password, you would just need to click on the “Forgot Password” button and you will see an option flashing right before you, which says “Recover your password”. Enter your User ID and email ID to receive a link which would redirect you to reset your password all over again. 

MIP Home – Andhra Pradesh Horticulture home page

MIP home page comprises of all the services that are some way related to the AP Horticulture department. The farmers can easily visit the website of MIP home and login right from there. Prior to submitting their own applications, they can even go ahead and see to the other reports and surveys that are being conducted in the report section itself. 

Types of MIP reports:

MIP reports are basically of the following types as mentioned below:

  • General reports which is based on the district wise monitoring
  • APMIP department monitoring reports which include district wise monitoring reports, timelines reports, MI supplier wide monitoring reports, and final inspection rectification. 
  • CM dash board, APMIP and Horticulture survey reports are also available
  • MI survey and farmer training reports
  • Farmer revival reports
  • APMIP services and online facilities

APMIP and MIP home offered a wide range of services that are either way related to the AP Horticulture department. Here are some of the services that are provided:

  • District wise Aadhar seeding
  • Farmer registrations count for Meeseva, PD, Supplier
  • BarCode generation
  • OTP generation report through MI supplier

It is usually recommended to visit the APMIP login and the MIP home or contact the department of Horticulture, AP to clarify all sorts of doubts and resolve the queries as well. 

Address: Project officer, APMIP, 1st floor, T.T.P.C building in Old market, Yard, Chuttugunta, Guntur – 522007

Phone number: 1800-425-2960

Email: [email protected]

Horticulture is a department that needs reliable sources recently for its improvement. The Andhra Pradesh government has now come up with the initiative to ensure that the addresses of these farmers are heard. The AP government has thus, begun this yojana with the motif to reach out to all the people who have had to face trouble using the irrigation practices and other farming provisions that have been prevalent in the state. If you want to apply yourself for the same, you can simply login to their official website and see to the services and the facilities that they come up with! 

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