Apple buys, home focused on low-power Edge-based AI tools: report


Apple reportedly acquired, a Seattle-based startup specializing in low-power and edge artificial intelligence tools for around $ 200 million (approximately Rs 1,419 million).

"Apple occasionally purchases smaller technology companies and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans." Apple said in a statement given to GeekWire.'s work is expected to be incorporated into future iPhones, improving Siri and other tasks based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Recently, Apple acquired another machine learning startup based in Seattle, Turi, for almost the same amount.

The measure will increase Apple's presence in the Seattle region, where the tech giant has been building an engineering outpost.

Turi offers tools designed to allow developers to easily scale machine learning applications.

The Cupertino-based company recently bought some machine learning and artificial intelligence startups such as VocalIQ and Perceptio and the Emotient facial recognition startup, among others.

Apple has recently been pushing artificial intelligence through Siri's personal assistant and related technologies.

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