Australian Open and Infosys officially announce their strategic partnership

The technological firm called Infosys did announce a partnership that is strategic in nature for a period of 3 years with the Australian open. The firm Infosys is going to be the official digital innovative partner for the tennis tournament and is going to be leveraging immerging technologies like analytics and Bigdata, Virtual and artificial intelligence along with augmented reality to improve the overall fan experience.

According to Mr. Craig Tiley who is the tournament director of the Australian open did state that the partnership with Infosys is an exciting turn of events and is also a step taken towards their on-going quest to revolutionize and innovate the Australian open along with engaging new audiences all around the world. He further states that they do understand the importance of utilizing in-sight and data to improve the connections with their players, coaches, fans along with the rest of the total tennis community. They are willing to work along with Infosys in order to change the way all of us experience the great sport in the near future.

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According to Mr. Salil Parekh who is the CEO and the managing director of Infosys states that this whole partnership is all about the creation of new ways to experience the Australian open. He further states that they are extremely excited and thrilled for the opportunity given to showcase how the boundaries of the tournament can be enhanced with the help of digital technologies. This will completely change the ways and the means by which the Australian is watched played and analyzed. The association along with tennis Australia did also re-affirm the strategic commitment to their region. Hereby we are known to partner along with some of the world leading enterprises in order to drive their agenda regarding digital transformation.

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