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Nickelodeon Avatar, the last airbender It is loved by fans around the world. It is the use of oriental design and fantasy storytelling that resulted in a new world that captured the imagination of many. It is unlike any other franchise because of this, but its characters are as attractive as the world.

No matter the episode, compelling characterization is always the priority. One character, in particular, is remembered for his nuanced narrative and pathos. Uncle Iroh is certainly a fan favorite, but even the most staunch fans don't know everything about him. Here are ten of the most crucial facts about Uncle Iroh's Avatar, the last airbender.

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Update May 22, 2020 by Louis Kemner: With Avatar: The Last Airbender back on Netflix, this series can appeal to many new viewers, and they are sure to adore Iroh in particular. He is one of the cast's most important members, is Zuko's mentor and guide for personal transformation, and is also a fierce fighter. A lot of thought went into Iroh's personality, abilities, and dating, and now it's time to add some interesting facts about the only Uncle Iroh.

fifteen It's a miniature avatar

Iroh is not For real the avatar can only be one at a time, and the last Fire Nation avatar was Roku (and time will tell who will be next). But Iroh embodies the avatar in other ways.

He has an affinity for spirits, as does the avatar, and understands that the four elements are closely connected and can borrow from each other. Iroh is not resolved on fire; studied water control to learn how to redirect lightning.

14 He is a typical guy

This franchise has several uncles, from Bumi (Tenzin's brother) to Unalaq, and some of them are more fun than others. Iroh and Bumi fit into the mold of a quirky but loving uncle.

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The media adore these characters, typically childless men who instead adore their nieces and nephews and have fun with them. Funny guys are also prone to corny jokes and being a kid at heart, for all the right reasons.

13 Once was strict

In the first designs for Avatar, the last airbenderIroh wasn't going to be the kind of "funny guy" that everyone knows and loves. He was going to be a strict and firm figure, not unlike his brother Ozai.

But that certainly changed, and Iroh is only severe when the stakes are high. He raised his voice, for example, when Zuko had trouble choosing a side during the final episode of season 2.

12 Its mysterious backstory

Interestingly, while Iroh spends a lot of time in front of the screen during the events of this show, relatively little is known about his backstory. He is known to have led the siege of Ba Sing Se (when Lu Ten died), and was raised alongside Ozai to take the throne.

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But what else? His personality, appearance, and other minor details from his youthful days are unknown, and exploring his backstory tends to raise more questions. It is clear that Iroh's current life is much more significant than what he did as a younger man.

eleven It moves easily

Iroh is many things, but he is not stoic. In battle, he can get serious like anyone else and look at people like Azula and Long Feng. But otherwise, he tends to use his emotions on his sleeve.

He quickly becomes annoyed if his tea is served cold, or worse, if someone (Zuko) takes it from his hands. He is also quick to laugh and congratulate people, and he is not afraid to show his sadness either. Iroh is quite outgoing in that way.

10 Your voice actors

Unlike most Avatar characters, Iroh had more than one voice actor portray him. The first iteration of his character can be attributed to the work of the late actor Mako Iwamatsu. Mako passed away in 2006 due to esophageal cancer. Fan may know his other job as Aku at Samurai Jack or as Splinter in TMNT. In the beloved episode Ba Sing Se's Tales, Mako was commemorated in the Iroh segment, and the character of Mako in The Legend of Korra was named after him.

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After Mako's death, his deputy Greg Baldwin took over the role. Baldwin had worked with Mako on the series for a long time, completing re-recording and additional dialogue when Mako was not available. Baldwin took over the role in the final season of The last Airbender.

9 9 Its real world origins

Uncle Iroh's character has multiple parallels in film, television and literature. Iroh plays many archetypal roles, including an awkward fool, a fierce warrior, and a wise mentor. Her type of character is no stranger to the public at all. However, her specific inspirations for both the Chinese myth and the personal lives of the show's creators are unknown.

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Iroh has a lot in common with a figure from Chinese mythology: Royal Uncle Cao. One of the eight immortals in the Taoist myth, Cao also had an abusive brother like Ozai and was also connected to the arts. In real life, Iroh was also inspired by one of the Avatar writer's stepfathers. In a Reddit thread, writer Aaron Ehasz revealed that he deliberately modeled my Iroh personality after his late stepfather.

8 He was a Renaissance man

Iroh's character, as stated before, is multifaceted. Obviously, he is a skilled fighter, general and benevolent, but he is much more than a man of violence and war. Much of Iroh's character is defined by his broad interests in history, art, music, food, and, of course, tea.

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Iroh is obsessed with the spiritual side of his world, as well as the myths, legends, and historical weaknesses that surround them. This allows you to better understand both your allies and your enemies. Musically speaking, Iroh is shown playing various instruments in the series. Whether it's a stringed instrument or a trumpet, Iroh will hit you. No matter what, however, tea seems to be your greatest pleasure.

7 7 His role in the order of the white lotus

In relation to his many interests, Iroh's affiliation with the Order of the White Lotus embodies his entire philosophy. This secret society was based on the belief that knowledge and love are not subject to the limits of nations. It was made up of doctors, warriors, and scholars from the four nations. His other mission was also to protect and serve the avatar whenever possible.

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Iroh, King Bumi, Jeong Jeong, Pakku, and Piandao were all members of this organization. In the climactic battle of the Hundred Years War, these five battles against the forces of Fire Lord Ozai to overthrow his fascist reign. Their combined knowledge and strength made them a powerful ally for Team Avatar.

6 6 How you got your degree

Uncle Iroh had quite a reputation around the Fire Nation, let alone the world at large. His stature as a military leader and dubber was his main claim to fame. Anyone who encountered Iroh knew him by the rather impressive title: The Dragon of the West. The story behind this title is even more fascinating than the name itself.

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Many claimed that Iroh was named The Dragon of the West for his unique ability to literally breathe fire. This bending technique is impressive, but it's not the real story. Iroh claimed that he won the title of killing the last living dragon. Actually, he studied under them. These dragons, called Ran and Shaw, were considered the first fire benders. In exchange for their secret, Iroh was taught his secrets.

5 5 The Ba Sing Se Siege

Despite all his calm, Iroh was still a renowned imperial and general strategist. From a long line of military minds, Iroh's skill was unmatched. Surprisingly, Iroh's greatest achievement was also his greatest failure: The Siege of Ba Sing Se.

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As a child, Iroh witnessed a vision of himself conquering the city. His siege of the capital lasted more than six hundred days, and at that moment he penetrated the outer wall. This was a feat never before accomplished. Unfortunately, due to personal tragedy, Iroh was saddened and was unable to fully conquer the Earth Kingdom city.

4 4 The loss of Lu Ten

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Iroh

The Ba Sing Se Siege was Iroh's greatest achievement, second only to being the father of his son Lu Ten. Unfortunately neither of them would last as Lu Ten fell on the front line of the siege. This tragedy decimated Iroh and eventually led to the defeat and failure of the siege. Iroh fell in pain and came out much less concerned with honor and glory and more concerned with his place in this world (and the next).

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This loss of a son also greatly influenced her relationship with Prince Zuko. With Zuko's less than stellar relationship with his own father, Iroh became a surrogate father. Through the loss, the bond of the two became incredibly close.

3 He was Lord of the interim fire

Iroh was never one to seek the title of fire lord. The idea that Iroh was an imperial ruler never really matched his peaceful image. That said, at the end of the Hundred Years War, Iroh momentarily held the title of Fire Lord and ruled over the Fire Nation (with everything but an iron fist).

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The main reason behind this was because Zuko was searching for his lost mother. Iroh took the cloak to allow his nephew to continue this search. During his reign, Iroh instituted a national holiday in recognition of his true love: tea.

2 His journey to the spiritual world

The spirit world is the most fantastic aspect of the entire Avatar myth. This parallel world is where magic and spirits reside. In Avatar, Aang travels here often, meeting strange and terrifying characters. One of the most knowledgeable in the spiritual world is Iroh. It was he who learned under the last dragons and warned about the power of spirits at the north pole.

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Few knew as much about this otherworldly place as Iroh. As such, near the end of his life, Iroh transferred his soul to the spirit world, to reside there for the rest of his days. This was revealed in the sequel series Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

one He helped Avatar Korra

In The Legend of Korra, the new avatar traveled to the spirit world and returned to his childish way of being. When he got lost in the woods, he met an old friend from his previous incarnation: Uncle Iroh. From this moment on, and on subsequent visits, Iroh would continue to be a constant advisor to Korra in the Spirit World.

Without him, she would have been lost, triggered a dangerous reaction from the spirits, or lost control of her powerful emotions that come to life in the Spirit World. Through this connection, he was also able to notify his nephew Zuko that he is still alive and well, even if he is not in the real world.

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