Bading the year 2020 with new hopes for 2021

The year 2020has certainly been a horrific year for Europe and you will hardly find anyone who would deny this fact. The European Union has met with a lot of hurdles related to issues such as Brexit and the coronavirus in the year 2020 and now that we are welcoming the upcoming year, we are expecting really good times ahead. There is no denial about the fact that the continent has been hammered badly by the Covid 19 virus, and then Brexit as well as the international political carnage. All of these have exacerbated huge turmoil thereby blighting the European unions for several years. Although all these problems are not going to exhaust in the year 2021 but definitely, with the fraught talks along with the UK or an American President as the anti-European Union such as that of Donald Trump, Brussels would finally find some space to address the issues that have undermined. 

The crises of 2020 have somewhat led to a debilitating lack of unity across EU and the lofty ambitions of the Brussels would lead to greater integration, thereby enabling the global force in its own right to face pushback on different issues that range from the internal adherence to that of the rule of law by raising a coordinated strategy to deal with China. The victory of Joe Biden is no way going to be enough in its own to heal the wounds which Trump had already inflicted on Europe and it was only after a long span of negotiations that the bloc’s member states have finally agreed on this long term budget and a Covid recovery ideology totalling up to 2 trillion dollars. 

The member states, Poland and Hungary have however spent a chunk of 2020 objecting to releasing the funds. The governments of Viktor Orban and Mateus Morawiecki had further objected to raising the funds that were being tied to adhere to the rule of law which were pretty unsurprising since both were invested for breaches at an EU level. The charges levelled at both the countries shall range from the suppression of government critics to that of undermining the judiciary’s independence. 

Growing concerns about the emergency measures in the EU nations

There has been a constant appraisal of the emergency measures for the coronavirus virus in the EU nations that were intended to curb the fundamental rights of the citizens. Also, there has been a speculation that Brussels would make an attempt to tie the budget of the EU as a new way to the delinquent states. Trying to do it amidst the pandemic and the subsequent recession have made it strong to lay an impact of the veto to which the member state is entitled. 

The intransigence in Budapest and Warsaw would ultimately lay a compromise in Brussels in which both sides gave ground, something that is a grand scheme of the things which would probably be interpreted as the EU fudging for incorporating it as one of its key principles. 

There have been a lot of changes and Europe would probably not give a chance to raise its enemy as the next hyperpower. The year 2020 has witnessed a lot of troubles but we are expecting something good and positive to turn out in this coming year. It is high time that we are just hoping and expecting, and we are no way sure that things are going to turn for the good. Whatsoever, the year 2021 will surely bring us some success and improvisation. 

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