Best Instagram Video Editor Apps in 2020

Best Instagram Video Editor Apps in 2020
Best Instagram Video Editor Apps in 2020

The social networking service that is only next to Facebook and Twitter is Instagram. Instagram has one billion monthly users on average. Its latest feature IGTV is used by 500 million people daily. You can use this excellent social media to improve your business. Instagram started as a photo-sharing app in 2010, but now, we can upload videos. Videos convey more information than images in a short time and are high- engaging to the audience. 

For the extra-ordinary audience, you need high- quality videos. Creating and editing videos are no longer a tough job by using Instagram editing apps. There are thousands of editing apps on the platform. In this article, we have shortlisted the best ones for your Instagram stories.

Best video editing apps 2020:

Instagram marketing has good potential to take your product to the next level. It is possible with advertisements. Learn the Instagram ads tutorial and use any of these apps to gear up your market.

  • Inshot:

Inshot is the video editing app that can edit the videos on the go. It has the basic features required for editing like trimming, splitting, and cutting. You can add filters like color, effects, and stickers to the video. Another best point of this app is its simplicity to add text and music.  Being an on-the-go product, it has limited features to edit than other technical apps like Adobe premiere.


  • Inshot can set frame size for your video feeds for IGTV, Instagram feeds, and stories.
  • It has all the essential features to make a technically strong video.
  • It has excellent control over the motion of the pictures.
  • Flipping the sound, music, and rotating the video is possible with Inshot.

Its free version provides limited services and will have a watermark logo in the videos. They also have a small space for ads under the free version. The monthly subscription rate is $2.99/ month.

  • A color story:
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A color story is the best mobile imaging app to create colorful, fresh pictures and videos. Three hundred filters are present in the app to add fun to your videos. Fun effects are the best part of this app. There are 20 tools to use and highlight. After creating your filters, you can save them for later use. 


  • 300 filters for your videos and photos.
  • 20 tools for engaging videos.
  • It creates an excellent color pop-up in the photos.
  • Adding fun effects like color fogs and grainy effects are cool with this app.

Adobe Premiere Rush:

Adobe Premiere Rush is an unavoidable name in the video editing apps. The best one of a kind Instagram video editor to edit on the go is Premiere rush. It is suitable for both Android and iOS mobiles. It has some automatic features like editing and saving the file in both mobile and desktop. It caters to the need of social media platforms and can be shared immediately in them.  The artificial intelligence (AI) platform converts your clips of occasions into a beautiful video. It also can automatically cut and use random pictures under a theme and creates a video like never before.


  • Automatic sound balancing
  • Automatic synchronization to the cloud.
  • It supports three audio tracks and four videos.
  • It is a good beginner app for video editing.
  • It has built-in transitions, texts, and filters for quick editing.
  • Boomerang:
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For GIFs and short video lovers, Boomerang is the best choice. It is a free Instagram video editor that is easy to use and set up. You can add filters, texts, stickers, and music to the video.  Choose ten clips from the photos and upload them in the boomerang app, a short video is ready. You have to shoot your video in the app and allow it to create the video automatically with the filters and music. Boomerang is a subsidiary of Instagram.


  • Separate sign up is not required.
  • You can upload the videos on a specific schedule by saving it on the platform.
  • Suitable for Android and iOS platforms.


VideoCreek is an amazing slideshow maker that helps users create short small videos with their music, photos, and videos.  It is best suited for documenting an event in minutes as an impressive slideshow video. You can upload your videos with a specific logo block and can add text and change the background as per your requirement. They have added a new feature to show their logo at the end of the video called an outro maker. You can use six animation levels to highlight the logo.


  • Create ten minutes of videos for free.
  • The free version is similar to the paid version.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • It has more space for texts.
  • You can use both photos and videos in the slideshow.


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Foodie targets the food and beverage companies who aim to sell their products online and offline. Large companies like PepsiCo, Nestle are having Instagram accounts and highlight their products on their page. Foodie targets small companies to highlight their food products and raise fame. It has more than 30 filters to catch your food from bird’s eye views. It is excellent for photos and videos. Basic editing requirements like contrast, brightness, and color adjustment, are present in this app. You can mute the background music and add some adjustments later. 


  • The natural color of the food is lit-up in this app. 
  • High-quality photos and videos are shot in this app.

For the modern socializing foodie, this app is very important to discover fun and spice up.

Final thoughts:

The time has changed that you can edit your videos with professional quality on your mobile. There are many apps with a plethora of functions for professional-quality videos. These apps can create from slow-motion to time-lapse videos.  Instagram is the best social media app that has proved to give fame to any product or video in less than hours. Use Instagram video editor apps to take your Instagram account to the next level.

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