Billie Eilish shares cheeky image of her brother’s girlfriend

Recently, Billie Eilish had shared a really attractive picture of her brother Finneas’ girlfriend. Her name is Claudia Sulewski and she was seen to be posing playfully with her. Claudia was seen to place a hand on her back and she was giving a smooching face in front of the camera. Billie Eilish who is currently 19 years old and her brother Finneas’ girlfriend, Claudia were seen to be spending good time with each other a couple of weeks ago. They were watching Justin Bieber to perform. The Ocean Eyes singer had shared a snapshot to her Instagram account on 18th of January and it appeared to be from Justin’s New year eve’s show which was held at Waldorf Astoria. 

Billie and Claudia shared images from their outing

The picture caught Billie who was smiling and standing in front of something that seems to be a railing and then Claudia was bending down and placing her hand on the butt and leaning, thereby making a kissing face. Billie had captioned the image with a monkey emoticon while the monkey’s eyes were covered much before everyone started commenting on it. One fan called it to be “cute” while the other one wrote, “I love this new found confidence and self love it’s great seeing her happy that’s what I love seeing.” It is evident that Billie has so many fans who spread positivity in her life.


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Before Billie has actually uploaded this post, Claudia had shared various snapshots on her Instagram story and it seems to be all from the same day outing. One showed them both leaning and they were posing together at the same spot. Claudia was holding a champagne class and she stuck out her tongue in the picture. However, Billie was seen to be making a kissing face. The other picture showed Claudia lifting up the glass while she has been smiling and Billie was sticking her tongue out! 

The two seemed to be have enjoyed really hard in the outing and the fans were sharing their valuable feedbacks on the post. Lastly, Billie had lost 100 k followers on her Instagram handle after she shared a drawing photo on one of her fans’ request. However, she took it to the public and responded that it was quite humorous!

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