Blackbox from Indonesian jet went down with 62

The Indonesian navy divers have been searching the ocean floor, and they have recovered one of the Black Box data recorders from the Sriwijaya Air jet that had crashed into the Java Sea with 62 people on board. The recovery of the flight data recorder is going to help the investigators to track all that had caused the Boeing 737-500 plane to nose dive into the ocean after the takeoff on Saturday from Jakarta. The TV stations showed divers on Tuesday on an inflatable vessel with a large white container that contained the data recorder. 

A brief on the Blackbox incident

Budi Karya Sunadi, the minister of transportation confirmed it in a news conference that was held on Tuesday about the recovery of the flight data recorder wherein Hadi Tjahjanto, the military chief had said about it at the same event about his high confidence about the other black box. The cockpit voice recorder would be discovered soon. However, there had been no indication about the divers pinpointing the same. The flight data recorder was supposed to be handed over to the National Transportation Safety Committee which is going to oversee the crash investigation as a whole. A navy ship had earlier picked up the intense ping after the emission was released from both the boxes. The officials said that they were buried in the seabed beneath tons of sharp objects in the wreckage. 

Videos released by Indonesia’s national search and rescue agency, and the navy had shown the divers peering through the murky water while they were inspecting through the large pieces of debris in the mud on the seafloor, and they had also been searching for the black boxes alongside. Yuri Margono, the navy chief Admiral had said earlier that removing the larger obstacles will slow down the efforts to reach the devices. A remote-operated vehicle that was delivered to the black box location, and Margano had even said about the deployment of at least 160 divers who would assist in the search for the black boxes. The devices did get detached from the tail of the aircraft while it did crash and the search was thus concentrated particularly between the Laki islands and the Lancang, in the Thousand Island chain which is situated just to the north of Jakarta. 

Last but not the least, it is to inform you that above 3600 rescue personnel, 54 large ships, 13 helicopters and 20 small boats have been searching the whole area and they have already found a few parts of the plane as well as the human remains inside the water at a depth of approximately 75 feet. They did discover 74 body bags which consisted of the human remains to that of the police identification experts. It was on Monday, they said that they have identified the first victim, Olly Bisma, a 29 year old flight attendant. His wife, Aldha Refa, who is also a flight attendant for the Sriwijaya Air wrote it on her Instagram, “My husband is a loving, devout and super kind man.” She added, “Heaven is your place, dear… Be peaceful there.”

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