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AEW star on the air Brandi Rhodes recently appeared on the AEW Unrestricted podcast. The "Chief Brandi Officer" addressed a ton of topics on the show, including how he got into wrestling, figure skating, and more.

One of the topics discussed revolved around Brandi's critics, based solely on the fact that he is a woman in a male-dominated business. And also, because her husband is AEW EVP Cody Rhodes.

Brandi Rhodes talks about detractors

"I mean the only question I had was the question that many women are required to have positions like this," Brandi began. "What people would say is, 'Well, the only reason you're doing this job is because you're married.'

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"Well the only reason you're doing this job is because you're married."

Brandi went into more detail and said, "That obviously happened [before], I'm still alive and I still have the job, so it really didn't hurt." But yeah, I mean, is that natural you know? You don't want to do something great for yourself and then get a lot of backlash. Just to accept an opportunity that was good for you? Sure, is it difficult to be married to your business partner? You know, more in the creative element than in the commercial sense. We are very similar, we are both very organized. We annoy people because we show up in dresses! ”

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Leading natural nightmares

Brandi would also mention that he currently enjoys his role as an on-screen manager. And that she sees herself doing this now instead of acting in the ring. Rhodes is part of the Natural Nightmares group alongside Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall. The group won their debut match this week on Dynamite.

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