Celebrities wearing short skirts in winter

Styling in winter can be a real hassle, and now, we are going to talk about a handful of celebrities who did not seem to mind wearing short skirts even during the winter season. The bitter cold temperatures of the NYC can be really annoying for the stars who love to wear in designer clothes. However, here I am going to talk about few of them who still seem to wear short skirts for the sake of fashion. These stars stepped out in skirts and you know what they say, “when you look good, you feel good.” These stars are the ones who inspire everyone to try out something that’s gorgeous yet unique, and recently, we would say that they had resembled their bravery with such a stunt. Of course, we would tag their wearing a skirt in the winter as no lesser than a “stunt.”

Recently, Kendall Jenner was spot wearing a black leather skirt while she was spotted outside her house in the streets of the New York City. Well, that’s not just the end. We even see stars like Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus along with many more who have fought the chilling cold for the sake of fashion. Paris went out in the bitter cold streets wearing a floral mini skirt and adorned it alongside her heels. However, she was captured in the camera with a smile on her face. She did balance her look by adding a leather jacket for feeling a bit warm. The black stilettoes that she wore was really awesome! 

These stars went out on the streets and they were not alone, but rather they had their fans who went out too, in order to get a glimpse of them. Both Paris and Kendall chose to wear such short skirts with their bare legs, we also had a few other celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Priyanka Chopra who went out with a pair of tights along with their skirts. Perhaps, they wore it to add some sort of extra layer of protection against the chilling cold. However, that’s absolutely okay! 

After seeing these stars, you might feel that wearing skirts in the winter is nothing uncommon but probably, they gave you the inspiration to try this stunt out! 

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