CEO Dr Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet – New Business Magazine Catches Up

CEO Dr Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet - New Business Magazine Catches Up

Undoubtedly, Allied Wallet has been in the limelight with its amazing payment services, thus, bothered about the security of the clients’ finance and an urge of helping out others. New Business Magazine has been following the growth of Allied Wallet, a globally leading provider of online credit card processing. It is also recognized as a multi-currency merchant services provider. Allied Wallet has been in the business for many years now and was recently caught up with CEO Andy Khawaja to discuss about the insights of digital payments.

Allied Wallet: Speech with Nick of New Business

Allied Wallet‘s CEO, Dr Andy Khawaja spoke with Nick Martindale of New Business in the course of the interview. On asking the CEO, he took forward the discussion mentioning about various elements of digital payments, past and present. All of those reports were evident on an article called the “Payments Revolution.” Mr. Andy Khawaja said that he attributes a large portion of his success to mobile payments in the past year. He also talked about the improvements that the company has made in terms of security. He further talked about his desire to understand the requirement of the online business owners. Furthermore, he was awarded with the title of ‘CEO of the Year’ for his achievements.

Allied Wallet: Considers the needs of the people

The CEO of Allied Wallet, Dr Andy Khawaja says that the major reason for which he wants to be in this field is because it matches his passion of bding as to meet the needs of many people. He said that he has always set his first priority to be able to understand what people actually want, and thus, analyse the requirement in order to improve the business. The organization also look forward to look into ways of making more money and thus, eliminate the problems. Andy Khawaja has never feared to answer those tough questions that had scared a lot of companies otherwise. Some of those kinds of questions usually include ways to deal with hackers and potential breach points. He also said that how the company works for the sake of building solution to accept the international transactions safely.

Dr Andy Khawaja further revealed that his final answer is the biggest giveaway. Nick Martindale finally asked Andy about the parameters that keep driving him on. Andy Khawaja proudly replied that it is not about working hard that motivates him, nor does he work only for the sake of money. He has rather focused upon working only for the consumers, since they are the ones who would finally decide whether to keep you in business or put a brand away from the industry. Within a short span of time, as the interview kept proceeding, both Nick and New Business had got a clear opinion about all that drives Andy in growing his business and thus, raging up to success.


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