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Instagram Users who lose the reverse chronological feed can get a new way to view the latest photos and videos of those who follow. Instagram has been seen creating internal prototypes of a "Latest Posts" feature that appears as a pop-up window in the main source and takes users to a special area that shows the newest content in their network.

Latest Instagram posts

For now, this does not seem like a full-fledged "Most Recent" reverse feed option, like what Facebook has for the News. But if they are released, the latest posts could help satisfy users who want to make sure that nothing has been lost or want to know what is happening right now.

The prototype was discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, the reverse engineering master who provided advice to Newsdio on dozens of new features in development. She generated the previous screenshots of the Instagram Android app code "Welcome back! Get caught by the posts of (names of people who follow) and 9 more," says the pop-up window that appears on the screen Of start. If users touch "View posts" instead of "Not now," they are sent to a separate screen that shows recent posts.

We contacted Instagram to confirm the prototype, more details and clarification on how the latest publications would work. The company did not respond before the close of this edition. However, it has often confirmed the authenticity of Wong's findings, and some of the features were officially released months later.

Previously, Instagram tried to help users make sure they had seen all the posts on their network with an insert "You are stuck" in the feed if you moved through the last 48 hours. The latest posts could be another way to inform frequent Instagram users that they are fully updated.

That could allow people to close the application with confidence and resume their lives.


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