Chewbacca actor pays tribute to the late Peter Mayhew


Although our main memories of any Oscar ceremony will be based on the awards themselves (it's an awards ceremony after all), their annual In Memorium always deserves attention. Among the many former film students that the Academy dedicated this year, Peter Mayhew, died in April 2019 at the age of 74. Mayhew was best known for portraying Chewbacca in the original Star Wars trilogy, and lately in Revenge of the Sith Y The awakening of the force.

The iconic role has been transferred to Joonas Suotamo, who took the reins of Mayhew in 2017 The Last Jedi. Now, with Chewie back in our minds, Suotamo turned to Twitter to record his gratitude for the Academy's tribute, while paying his respects to the man he wore before:

Touching. That is the word. There are no meta-comments or sarcastic jokes about this. It is always sobering to think and speak. I do not Star Wars crazy and this death meant nothing to me when it happened, but writing it completely changes things. Well, I need to recover this from a sentimental collapse: believe me, that is one of my least favorite qualities in the entire cinema. I watched Life imprisonment the other day and the schmaltz could have killed me. And there he was saying there would be no sarcastic jaws.

Equally good. Death is too annoying not to laugh. Rest in peace Peter Mayhew, a man clearly loved by many, and thanks to Suotamo and the Academy for their tributes to him. Next time you will return to normal service, but even if it is only for this moment, it is good to remember someone we miss.


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