Chris Brown’s Son Aeko Looks Identical To His Dad

Recently, there has been a huge buzz all across regarding the fact that Chris Brown and his son, Aeko are looking absolutely identical. The R&B star Chris Brown plays the doting father, while he was spotted holding his baby son Aeko with baby mother Ammika Harris who was seen following behind, holding a baby bottle. Everyone is currently saying that Aeko looks just like his father and they are identical matches. However, we all seem to have expected just the same. In the image, we see that Chris looked casual wearing his North Face jacket, yellow cap, jeans and his protective face mask. He appeared to be showing off some bling with his flash designer watch. 

Aeko Brown is looking just like his dad Chris Brown. The singer’s one-year-old son was the star of his grandma’s cute new Instagram post. The one-year-old toddler of Chris Brown was spotted spending a day with grandma Joyce Hawkins, and she was not able to help but show off her adorable grandson on the social media. It is evident that Aeko Brown is the apple of his grandmother’s eye! Joyce’s new post on the social media handle shows how little Aeko was posing on a stool in front of the painting at grandma’s house. Aeko was wearing a bear onesie and she had messy hair which resembled as if he just woke up from a nap.

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Joyce’s post on the social media with Aeko

Joyce captioned the January 27 Instagram post, “AWWWWW MEME LOVE YOU!!!” Her followers were immediate to react about how cute Aeko is, and couldn’t get over how much he now looks like his famous father. Some of the comments that the post had received from the users include “Chris’s Twin,” “Royalty‘s double.”

 The “Forever” singer, 31, posted a photo of his little guy in December showing him rocking a tiny red durag, and the face is all Chris. Also, we see him accepting from time and then that Aeko is just ‘mini-me.’  Joyce then ended up commenting, “OMG!!! HOW SWEET ARE YOU ‘CATORI’,” which happened to be a reference to Aeko’s middle name. Ammika is also seen to be quite frequent in sharing the pics of this young member to their family. Everyone seemed to be crazy about this little version of Chris Brown, “Aeko Brown.”

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