Cover of China Economic Review for “Building Billions” – Dr. Ahmad Khawaja of Allied Wallet Featured

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Dr. Ahmad Khawaja is the CEO of globally leading payment provider Allied Wallet. It is needless to mention what the company actually deals in, for it is known to almost everyone around. Recently, the company was featured on the cover of China Economic Review for his success in Asia. Of course, he was featured along with his company Allied Wallet as that too came into the picture immensely. It was all because of the Allied Wallet that there have been so many discussions around. Also, the CEO is worth all the appreciation for Allied Wallet has been the brainchild of none other than him. Certainly, the company didn’t grow into such an epitome of success overnight. It took years of effort and dedication, and the CEO dive gave everything to build this empire. Hence, through the interview, the CEO continues to highlight all the efforts and those years of hard work that he had given in order to raise this firm.

Allied Wallet: Making headlines about the global success in the online payments industry

Allied Wallet and its Founder/CEO, Dr. Ahmad Khawaja, have been making headlines globally for their success in online and mobile payments. Dr. Khawaja is consistently awarded by various publications all across the world. It has been earning titles such as the “Most Innovative CEO of the Year” and “Tech CEO of the Year.” He has also won awards in past years as Corporate America’s CEO of the Year. Some of the other awards that the company offers include The Gamechanger of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, and the American Genius Award.

He truly believes that Allied Wallet has been such a huge success, all because he keeps his customers as the first priority. He says that certainly that is the reason behind the success of the company. Hence, Allied Wallet has made it possible for the customers to avail the maximum security when it comes to digital payments.

Allied Wallet with Dr Ahmad Khawaja: Growing its merchant base

Allied Wallet has put a lot of efforts in Asia, thereby, growing its merchant base and establishing itself as a trusted payment solution. Allied Wallet celebrates its success in the region through this cover. Dr. Ahmad Khawaja further rejoiced for his leadership and his contributions to the Chinese Fintech. Allied Wallet with China Economic Review have made so much success in the region simply by lifting the businesses off the ground. Dr. Ahmad Khawaja further said that the company would highlight its success stories and all the reasons that the company has made towards making itself stand as one of the best in the industry. This article was further featured in the June issue of the China Economic Review. The content was titled as the “Building Billions with Dr. Ahmad Khawaja.” You can go through the issue on the China Economic Review website that is particularly meant for the global readers.

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