Covid-19; Stay Home for New Year, public told

Currently everyone is aware with the situation and the way things are taking place. However, everyone can speculate that situation is not favourable and it is still suggested that it would be better if people stay at home. Now is the time when people need to take responsibility personally and stay at home. On the eve of New Year if people will not take responsibility personally then it would definitely cause them lots of its affect. This is also the time when people will gather together and during this tough time if individuals would not take the responsibility it could definitely harm them. Because of carelessness of people England is surviving a tough time, where they went under restrictions and around about 20 million people went through restrictions at midnight. 

United Kingdom also reported that around about 55, 892 new covid19 cases have filed just on Thursday- the highest daily number cases recorded yet. Although, no can bet on this and no one can truly say what would happen and how things will turn into the right one ambience.  Then there are also reports like 964 deaths within 28 days took place and they all have been found positive. There is News on England coming out and not single news for the time being is good. It becomes responsibility of every individual to walk with care and think before taking any step. 

News which has shaken all the people 

It is said that education secretary Gavin Williamson said that he wanted school closures to be as ‘Short as possible’, when he announced this although it gave people relief. But on the other hand, he also announced primary pupils in the most at- risk areas of England will not return as planned on Monday. 

Mr Hancock said: ‘With Our NHS under pressure we must all take personal responsibility this New Year’s Eve and stay at home’. 

Everyone agreed on this note that they all went through something and they all had to survive something and everyone has paid at least something. Last year was not easy for anyone at all and everyone has to face something into their lives. 

More than 600, 000 people received vaccination and people are praying that they do not need to survive more than this. May they all get saved and be secured this is the reason that people need to be more careful. 

‘’No more than ever, we all require to put together to save lives and protect our NHS. If we continue to do our bit by staying at home, we can get through this together’.

The only thing of which people need to take care of themselves and this is how they will not just save themselves but also everyone. The only responsibility is ‘YOU’ and this would definitely help people in letting enjoy a good time and also help people the best. So do not wait other to be responsible but take only your responsibility.

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