Covid cases rising up after 3 weeks post the Christmas

There is no denial to the fact that the year 2020 has made us witness a lot of crunch in the market, and certainly the pandemic has shown us a lot more. The Covid infections rose again by the 3rd week after Christmas, particularly between that of 26th December and 3rd of January. 

This whole thing reached up to 70,000 new cases after a day, as recorded according to the major study. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) had estimated more than 1.2 million people in total who had Covid over a similar span of time. Also, daily infections are estimated to have surged a rise of about 150,000 cases since then. This has certainly brought the total number of coronavirus cases above the first peak. 

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The reproduction number or the R for the virus is presently between 1 and 1.4 for that of the UK and then it has been reflecting a sharp rise in the cases in the recent weeks. The separate ONS data had suggested just under half or 44% of the British adults who had formed a Christmas bubble. Indeed, there was an estimation of almost everyone that the number of cases will rise post Christmas Eve which is obviously going to call for a mass gathering and celebration, no matter if there has been protection taken! 

Estimated ONS rise of Covid 19 cases

On 25th of December, these temporary rules that were set had actually let up to three households mix indoors unless they were living in a Tier 4 area. The ONS has even estimated how the population has risen in the week of 27th December to that of 2nd of January. It went up to one in 50 in England, which is up from one in 70 and then one in 70 in Wales which is down from one in 50. Again, it went up to one in 200 in Northern Ireland which is a rise from one in 230, and then one in 115 in Scotland which is up from one in 250. The ONS data represents that the cases rose by 3 quarters between the most recent periods of study from 12-18 December to that of 27 December and 2nd of January. 

The ZOE Covid symptom study has kept a track of more and more alterations since there has been no pause in its research for Christmas Eve. It was evident that the epidemic grew all the places throughout, in the UK. As per the sources, it was said that the R number in the UK is presently 1.2 and thus, London was suffering from the most severe epidemic with that of the highest number of cases. Also, there have been a few asymptomatic tests that were being available in the community, but they were not taken up widely among the masses. Despite the norms and regulations being set, this has been the scenario led so far!

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