Crisis in infinite lands presented a surprise connection with the green lantern of 2011


The penultimate episode of "Crisis in infinite lands"He presented a shocking crossover with the DCEU, in the form of an Ezra Miller Flash cameo. He is rightly getting a lot of attention, but it is overlooked that the ending included another nod to the DC movie that preceded the DCEU: the very defamed of 2011 Green Lantern.

After the restart of reality, towards the end of "Part 5", Oliver Queen by Stephen Amell narrates a montage that shows us the rebirth of the multiverse. This includes a list of several Lands. In addition to a Superman record of Brandon Routh's Earth-96, these are all worlds of past, present and future DC Universe / HBO TV shows. For example, Earth-9 is Titans‘World, Earth-21 is Doom Patrol Earth-19 is Swamp Thing (R.I.P!) And more notably, we have Earth-12. This Earth is represented by a photo of Oa, the homeworld of the Green Lantern Corps.

If you are up to date with DC news, you will know that this is a thank you for the next Green Lantern series directed to HBO Max. However, with production still to begin on the show, the shot is taken from the 2011 film. This moment is presented towards the end of the film, when the Lanterns congratulate Hal Jordan of Ryan Reynolds for defeating Parallax. However, as we do not see Jordan in this shot, it is not clear if Earth-12 is the world of the movie or if it is the Earth of the program and this clip is only being used to represent it.

Of course, they could be one and the same, considering that the same creative minds are behind both. Arrowverse architects Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim wrote the script for the film and Berlanti will be the executive producer of the HBO Max series. We know that the program will also star in two flashlights and, if Jordan is not one of them, it could well take place in the same universe as the 2011 movie: Earth-12.

So,"Crisis in infinite lands"He could not have delivered the Diggle becoming the turn of John Stewart we all expected, but at least we got this surprising connection with a corner of the DC multiverse that is largely unknown.

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