Curt Hawkins' pregnant wife talks about her layoff, fearful of contracting coronavirus on WWE TV recordings | Newsdio


Lizzie Myers, the wife of recently WWE superstar Curt Hawkins, blogged about her husband's release from the company and how it has impacted their lives.

Lizzie noted that she broke up when she got the call from WWE and only a week before he was released, he was asked to fly to the Performance Center in Orlando for Monday Night Raw. She said, "I went from being afraid that my husband would come home from work with the Coronavirus a few days after he was fired."

She also revealed that she is 30 weeks pregnant, so she cannot return to her advertising job at this time. Lizzie wrote: "It is not the most satisfying feeling when your husband loses his job and you don't have one to go to. I always said last year, if I needed to go back to work, I could and would go back to my field (thinking like 4-5 years if his contract was not renewed), without expecting him to lose his job when I'm 2 months away from having our son, much less during a pandemic. "

As noted above, WWE claims that budget cuts were the reason for the recent releases. Ring Of Honor, Impact Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling, and New Japan Pro Wrestling do not receive the same amount of money as WWE and have not released anyone. In fact, those companies continue to pay their fighters during the pandemic. WWE is still on track to generate record revenue this year due to its television contracts with FOX and NBCUniversal (USA Network).

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