Deemed the Mecca for Entrepreneurs – Dr. Ahmad Khawaja’s Company Allied Wallet

Deemed the Mecca for Entrepreneurs - Dr. Ahmad Khawaja’s Company Allied Wallet
Deemed the Mecca for Entrepreneurs – Dr. Ahmad Khawaja’s Company Allied Wallet

The CEO Ahmad Khawaja of Allied Wallet is regarded as a globally leading provider of online payment processing. Besides, the company is known for offering various payment solutions in 196 countries all over the world. Recently, it was featured on the cover of I-Invest Magazine. He was featured for leading his company to global success. Tracing back to the history of this company, Allied Wallet was founded just over 10 years ago. Allied Wallet wasn’t as successful as this at that point of time. However, it had been the brainchild of one of the biggest innovators, Ahmad Khawaja who started it up with the goal of creating a safe means for payments online. The company now transact in 164 currencies and 196 countries worldwide.

Allied Wallet: I-Invest Magazine

I-Invest Magazine is a monthly publication that has got a subscriber-base of about 151,000. The magazine is well known for featuring the financial industry’s foremost and best respected leaders. I-Invest Magazine featured a cover story on Dr. Ahmad Khawaja’s “Mecca for Entrepreneurs” recently. It talked about how Allied Wallet has offered such saving grace for struggling entrepreneurs. 

Allied Wallet has always been an inspiration for the youth. He shared a lot about his journey in this publication to make sure that the readers get motivated by looking at his struggles and aspire to do even bigger things than that for themselves. He went on adding that it is important for today’s you to understand that it should be able to make a position for themselves in this big world. He along with Allied Wallet would be more than happy to be an assistant in this journey. As a result, he would love to help a startup grow by all possible means. 

Ahmad Khawaja: personal struggles to be an early entrepreneur

The issue offers an inside look at Dr. Ahmad Khawaja’s own personal struggles as an early entrepreneur. Not just he talks about his battles but he also mentions about ways by which he overcame them. Dr. Khawaja said, “A lot of entrepreneurs start off with just an idea and get laughed at…I had banks close doors in my face.” He said that the journey wasn’t easy but the best thing about it is that he didn’t give up. He had to convince a lot of people to get this far and the success of the company today is now an evidence to all their doubts that they had then. 

Allied Wallet has been referred to as the “mecca for entrepreneurs.” It is regarded as such because their business is based around opening doors for other businesses. They succeed when businesses succeed with them and that makes Allied Wallet so great! This mentality has led the company to global success along with such a strong, and committed entrepreneur merchant-base. More new innovations are coming along the way and Ahmad Khawaja would always look forward to make things bigger! 

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