DESTINY 2 "Trials of Osiris" Trailer and Screenshots – Newsdio


IT'S BACK! "Trials of Osiris" will return next season. It will begin on March 13. For all PVP players, it is time to return to the Traveler and know their destination. There were many things shown in this trailer. I cannot explain every little thing, I will let xHOUNDISHx explain it below along with his explanation of the Director's Court that was recently removed and that talks about the current state, some thoughts and ideas of the past.

I am very excited. The armor looks amazing. Especially that shine that will reach the guardians who achieve a perfect career during the week. The weapons look great, especially that Rasputin-looking sword from the Season of the Worthy teaser image (which is included with the different screenshots). I think the return of Pinnacle PVP content is late, but I'm happy anyway, I'd rather be late but good instead of soon and bad. The games will be enabled, which is reasonable for this activity to be a final level PVP mode of the game. In addition, the pairing will be based on the connection and pairing of the card status. This means that your team will fight against players who have won or lost around the same number of rounds as you, making those last victories extremely intense and high stakes for all players.

In the screenshots below, we can also see some possible new benefits, new exotic and return stages. I am delighted that these old stages return. I hope a new map will come out, something on the moon or on Mars, but I wouldn't be very upset if we only got these three new / returning maps.

What are your thoughts? Do you have teammates in mind for the tests? Let us know in the comments below!


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