Detective Pikachu fan art, pulled from memory, by Polygon staff


When there's a mystery to solve, for sure, you can go to the police. Or you can go to the only electric mouse that is guaranteed to tip every stone, no matter the cost. (Assuming, of course, you've given him coffee.)

This week, we've challenged Polygon staff members to bring Detective Pikachu out of memory in all its yellow glory. That means no one could search for reference images of the sparkling wonder and her iconic deer hunter cap. How did everything turn out? We will let you be the judge.

All of the artists are listed below, along with statements about what inspired them to create such masterpieces.

Susana Polo

"Lady Detective Pikachu is a strong and independent woman and an administrator responsible for the law. "

Simone de Rochefort

"I've been practicing my art a lot, so I felt quite empowered when I drew Detective Pikachu this week. My confidence was not out of place! Compared to my previous efforts, this is downright amazing work here. I came across a problem when I gave Detective Pikachu huge disgusting rabbit paws. Fortunately, I was able to hide them by taking out a Sharpie and placing it in a cardboard box that is too tall for him. "

Ryan Gilliam

"I set out to build something I've seen thousands of times in games, anime, a movie. I've used Pikachu as my electric type since I was a kid. I wanted to do my Pikachu justice: fat Pikachu. Ears, tail, cheeks They needed to be perfect. So I put the pen on the paper and threw everything I knew out the window.

Forgive me Pikachu. He gave up his life to protect the streets, and all he received in return are these eyes from Akira Toriyama.

But I don't regret putting it in this super creepy feather duster; a stunning new look for everyone's favorite electric mouse. "

Russ Frushtick

"One of these days I'm going to stop drawing them on my phone with my finger. And then everyone will regret it. But that day is not today."

Petrana Radulovic

"Apparently I remember a lot of details about Detective Pikachu, including his love for coffee! – except for how Pika's feet work, so I gave her a trendy jacket and called her one day. "

Matte patches

"I drew this while on the phone with the Braveheart screenwriter."

Nicole Carpenter

"This is definitely more of a Detective Pikachu cat toy than a movie character, but the key features are definitely there."

Patrick Gill

"I just wanted to draw a very tired Pikachu."

Karen Han

"I was thinking about following the book and drawing a normal Pikachu detective, but decided it would be boring. I started trying to go in a blacker direction, from a movie poster, hence the face, the gun and the title card. "

Emily Heller

"Detective Pikachu loves you."

Chelsea Stark

“I wanted to use charcoal for a black, sandy theme. It really creates the mood when Detective Pikachu delves into the seedy belly of crime. But then I realized that coals are impossible to erase if you can't decide whether to draw the subject forward or in profile. Poor me."

Charlie Hall

“Last time I was lucky with Cloud Strife, which allowed me to draw a large sharp sword instead of a human shape. An adorable creature like this is way above my head, so I called out a secret weapon: my six-year-old daughter. Our styles combine very well, I think.

Brian Gilbert

“Did I switch to digital media just so I could use a stock image to develop the background? I'll never tell."

Cass Marshall

"I never saw Detective Pikachu but basically I assume this is the movie. Personally, I wouldn't trust a Pikachu to run a murder investigation.

Maddy Myers

“This was my first drawing for polygons. Did you know, reader, that there is a 15 minute time limit for presentations? For me, that was more than enough time to try to get Detective Pikachu out of memory. In fact, it was long enough to draw it three times. This was my third attempt. I thought if I kept trying, it would get better. The previous two attempts seem almost identical to this one. I think this shows something about the nature of truth, and also my unshakable conception of what Detective Pikachu looks like. "


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