Devil May Cry 5 is the number one in the series with more than 3 million copies sold


the devil can cry 5 It has sold 3.1 million copies worldwide since its launch in 2019, as stated by developer and editor Capcom (through DualShockers).

Lifting the rear is Devil May Cry 3 with 1.3 million units sold, which is fun, since most fans have a weakness for the game. The next on the line is Devil May Cry 2 with 1.7 million units, then Devil May Cry with 2.16 million units, then DmC Devil May Cry with 2.4 million units. There is a jump between DmC Y The demons could cry 4, since the latter has 3.0 million units shipped, but this game has now been diverted without ceremonies from its comfortable seat. the devil can cry 5 surpassed The demons could cry 4, and has sold 3.1 million units worldwide. There isn't much in it, but you can't deny that critically acclaimed play is the king of the castle for the hack and slash series.

Well also. We thought the game was excellent, and "he delights in the inherent correction of hitting things that are unquestionably evil, and everything sings with a blow of steel on the skin." Even if Devil May Cry pales in comparison to Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Y Street Fighter, the success of the devil can cry 5 I should encourage Capcom to continue producing demon slaughter escapes in the future. No new games have been revealed, but we know we are getting a Netflix adaptation of the series. The release date for that is not currently announced, but we will keep you informed once we know more.

the devil can cry 5 Now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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