Dr Andy Khawaja, the Allied Wallet’s CEO Discusses E-commerce in China with BRIC

Dr Andy hawaja, the Allied Wallet's CEO Discusses E-commerce in China with BRIC

Allied Wallet that serves to be a globally leading provider of online payment processing, deals with multi-currency merchant services, and thus, is rightly recognized as a PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway. Recently, its CEO Andy Khawaja was featured in the high-end publication, BRIC Magazine. Andy Khawaja got his feature under the ‘Success’ section, wherein he highlighted his inspiring story. This section typically covers success stories, along with that of featuring celebrities, and the entrepreneurs, along with that of talking about the prominent individuals who are making an impact all across the globe by some way or the other.

Allied Wallet: Messiah of E-commerce

Allied Wallet CEO is recognized as the “Messiah of E-commerce”. He is well known for the advancement and foresight that he offers to the industry. Andre Gayle uncovers Khawaja’s past right in Andy Khawaja’s feature in BRIC Magazine. Further, there was a mention about how he came to be the visionary CEO that we could see him today.

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He further gives a direction to his conversation saying about the transition that would be expected into the future of e-commerce. Thus, he mentions that it is extremely essential to keep oneself updated about the emerging trends so as to stay centered on the Chinese eCommerce industry which is certainly something that cannot be overlooked by any chance.

Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja bets big on China

Dr Andy Khawaja says to Andre Gayle, “Let me tell you something, I’m betting big on China”. It seems as if Andy is actually moving in the right direction which is somewhat evident from the fact when China surpassed the United States on Chinese eCommerce sales with a total of $296.57 billion in the year 2013.

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Dr Andy Khawaja further talks about the details of the e-commerce industry before the BRIC. He said that he is not afraid to paint the image of his readership prior to the event wherein he has expected Allied Wallet to come together and thus, promote the idea of improving the framework of future online payments and such related services. The company’s intention is to provide all the best solutions to its customers, bundled in one, something that stands to be the secret of its success.

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