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Justin Berman has One of the most important jobs in Dropbox.

As head of security, he oversees the company's cybersecurity strategy, its defenses and works daily to keep the data of its more than 600 million private and secure users.

No pressure, then.

Berman joined the file storage and workspace giant a year ago during a transition period for the company. During its early years, Dropbox was struck by a data breach that saw more than 60 million user passwords stolen during a time when tech giants entrenched themselves in a culture of "moving fast and breaking things." But things have changed, particularly in Dropbox, which fulfilled its promise to improve company security and also went well beyond what any Silicon Valley company had done before to better protect security researchers.

In this series, we will see the role of the OSC, the director of security, in some of the largest technology companies to better understand the role, which means maintaining a secure organization without hindering growth and what advice new companies can give . Learn from some of the most experienced security professionals in the industry.

We started with Berman, who discussed in a recent interview what attracted him to the company, what it means to be a head of security and what other companies can learn from Dropbox innovative security policies

This interview has been edited for its length and clarity.

Newsdio: you have been in Dropbox since June. Before this you were at Zenefits, Flatiron Health and Bridgewater. What brought you to Dropbox?

Justin Berman: First of all, I think the people here are amazing. And I think the problems I have to solve here are not the ones that many security leaders are solving. Because the company has had a historical commitment to security, privacy and trust and risk, I will not enter and have to start the security culture from scratch. That culture already exists. And the question we ask ourselves is how do we use that culture to make the right level of things instead of simply doing everything possible where it could slow down the business?


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