E-commerce platform eBay to launch their new technology developed by ARKIT

eBay is about to release their new technology that is developed by its very own computer vision team. They state that the new technology has the needed potential to transform the means and ways people suffering from motor impairments can physically navigate through various applications. The dubbed head gaze as a technology leverages the company Apple’s ARKIT and also the iPhoneX camera to track a person’s head motion in order that they can navigate the screen sans hands.

Head gaze does allow its users by activating a virtual stylise that lets the user point out any location on their screens with the use of their head and activate designated buttons. This is similar to the way a mouse is used to navigate the cursor on a particular desktop. eBay states that the technical design is going to allow the developers to simply integrate the features into their existing or future applications with the requirement of minimum code changes.

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This particular technology that is spearheaded by a Ph.D. candidate and eBay intern Mr. Muratcan Cicek who is himself living his life with extreme motor impairments is available with the help of the open source on Github.com starting as of today. There is a blog that is posted by Cicek himself stating that technology has its very own implications which is beyond the e-commerce industries. It is ranging from wellness and health to simple hands- free convenience. Cicek writes-

The new technology Head gaze does enable the user to scroll down and interact on their phones with the help of simple subtle head movements. He further states that a person needs to think of the other ways on how this can be brought to life. He raises certain questions in which this technology can come in help. Take for example, a person who is tired of scrolling through a recipe on their phones while cooking with their greasy fingers, a person who is too messy to follow up on the how-to manual on their cell phones while they are tinkering with the car engine under their hood or a person who is feeling too cold to remove their gloves to use the phone. Cicek believes that the technology has a wide scope of growth to explore.

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eBay did make a number of technologically related announcements past year. Last month itself the company did roll out a complete series of API updates that are designed in a way to spur up the marketplace growth via better buyer experiences. eBay as an e-commerce player is focusing on the developer community over the past few years as a part of their growth plan. They do acknowledge the fact that the external developers did drive out more than $9.6 billion worth of gross merchandise volume on a global scale and did create around 2.1 billion new listings during the first half of 2018.

A week ago, the e-commerce platform did reveal the fact that they are building their very own servers while they are trying to re-platform their backend infrastructure.

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