Egyptian woman arrested: Baking indecent cakes

A woman in Egypt was detained briefly after she was accused about baking indecent cakes. The local media say that the cakes had topped with genitalia and underwear and they were decorated beautifully with fondant icing. These cakes were eaten at a birthday party at an exclusive Cairo Sports Club. The Baker was arrested after these photographs went viral. It later released on 319 dollars or 234 pounds bail. There are reports wherein it was said that the partygoers will have to face legal action. Besides, a top religious body has warned that such kinds of baked goods were forbidden by the Islam religion. 

Dar al-Iflta has written on Facebook that the products which featured sexual representations were an assualt on the value system. Also, they depicted a crude abuse of the society as a whole. The sports and youth ministry reported to look into the involvement of the club which had hosted the private gathering. The Human Rights lawyer, Negad El Botai tweeted about the incident while confirming about it. He said, “there is a segment of society, with support of the state, that wants to eliminate any space for personal freedom in Egypt under the pretext of safeguarding Egyptian family values”.

He even drew the parallels with cases of several young Egyptian women who had accused of morality-related offences in connection with the videos posted on Tiktok and various other social media platforms. An appeals court has overturned the 2 year prison sentences wherein it handed on 2 influencers, Hansen Hossam who is currently 22 years old and Mawada al-Adham who is 22 and both of them were convicted in the month of July for undermining the family values and principles. Later on, it emerged as the public prosecutor who had ordered that the women had continued to practice detention pending an investigation on the human trafficking charges. The prosecutor even alleged that they had exploited the teenage girls by encouraging them to upload similar kinds of videos as theirs! Nonetheless, a lawyer for the women had declared that they would place an appeal against that move. 

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