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Godzilla vs Kong trailer

Great news for monster lovers! 

So as you all know Godzilla: King of the monsters has been released recently. Now the franchise ‘Monsterverse’ is all set to release another sequel very soon. 

Godzilla VS Kong is one of the highly anticipated movies and the current trending topics in the media nowadays. Here in this article we will tell you all the information about the movie as well as about the franchise ‘Monsterverse’ about which most of the fans are confused.

Legendary entertainment is the media company who had purchased rights for some fictional monster characters from a Japanese company long back. Using these characters the company has created the franchise ‘Monsterverse’ (Monster Universe). Legendary pictures had announced four movies; Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla 2 and Godzilla VS Kong. Godzilla 2 or Godzilla: King of the monsters has been released recently and got amazing response. Now audience is anticipating for another sequel which will be having two most popular characters of Monsterverse universe.

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There is no confirmation that the movie shooting has been started or not. Although the script is done and the director is all ready to go ahead. The shooting location would be Hawaii. Another interesting update is the size of the Kong is 3 X less than Godzilla. 

This movie was supposed to come out in May 2020. Then it got preponed to March 2020 and then again the release date shifted to May 2020. The delay makes sense as the makers are trying to make this movie in the best way possible.

Godzilla: King of the monsters was a great movie and got a lot of appreciation. It was big, loud and huge monster movie which is supposed to be like this way. It was a treat for Toho movie lovers. But it wasn’t that great for general audience. The makers this time wants to make sure this should be liked by a broader audience.  

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Emmerich from the production house has told media that next year monster movie will be delivered for fans in a way they were looking for in the latest Godzilla. It might come out later next year so they can deliver an A+ movie.

Also we have been told that there are some scenes which are being reshot for the movie. Considering this we can assume that makers do not want to compromise on any single scene in the movie. 

Seems like next year being lucky for the viewers. There are many big movies coming up in the 2nd half of the year including wonder Woman sequel, Godzilla vs Kong, Ghostbusters etc. 

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It would be great if it could be released on Halloween next to create some monstrous vibes to the festival. Subscribe to our blog for more updates.

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