Everything You Want to Know About Refresher Driving Lessons

Almost every household in Australia owns at least two cars for their commuting purpose. As per the Census of Population and Housing data, 69% of the working class in Australia uses personal cars to travel to their workplaces. 

Many senior citizens and foreign nationals prefer refresher driving lessons to get reacquainted with the traffic and driving laws when they get behind the wheel after a time gap. They look for driving schools that offer quick polishing courses but often find intensive driving classes.

Refresher driving lessons are useful to people who have already had driving experience in the past. Some people aim to refresh their driving skills before they attempt the practical driving test. Let’s learn some more details about refresher driving lessons.

What is a Refresher Driving Lesson?

Refresher driving lessons help you polish your existing driving skills. The lessons are designed for those who want to learn new driving skills or experience the new driving environment.

The driving instructor focuses on the areas where you need improvement and develops strategies to upgrade your driving skills. According to reports, more than 17% of the Australian citizens opt for refresher driving lessons to strengthen their confidence and develop lapsed skills.

What are the Perks of Refresher Driving Lessons?

Every two or three years, amendments in Australian road laws and rules take place. The Department of Planning, Transport, and Infrastructure enforced a speed limit law on 1st September 2014. It specified that the drivers should travel at 25 km/h when driving through an emergency service speed zone.

So, when you enrol at one of the best driving schools for refresher lessons, you learn about the new laws and how to avoid breaking them. Also, if you suffer from driving anxiety in the past, refresher lessons can help recalibrate your confidence and boost your willpower to overcome the fears.

Who Can Benefit from Refresher Lessons?

Most people have a restricted driving licence in Australia. If you had a practice of driving on automatic transmission and now want to learn driving on a manual transmission car, then refresher lessons are the best.

Also, refresher lessons offer immense help to senior citizens to increase their driving licence’s validity every two years. The maximum age limit for driving in Australia is 75 for senior citizens. Once you cross 75 years, you have to undergo a medical assessment every year to keep your driving licence. In such cases, refresher driving lessons help them remain prepared.

Why Should You Take Refresher Driving Lessons?

According to Road Safety reports, to pass the driving test in Australia, you must not have more than three errors in the pre-drive check-list. Also, no more than 15 errors while driving on the road, and no critical mistakes are allowed.

Once you finish the intensive driving course and wish to overcome all the fears before attempting the final test, you must apply for refresher driving lessons. It will allow you to practice more frequently, and the ADI (approved driving instructor) will guide you about what critical errors you make. In the long run, it will help you in becoming a safe driver.

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