Facts to know about the Hunky Star of Bling Empire

Netflix has been quite a popular streaming service across the people and just like celebrities in the movies, these stars in our favorite series have become equally famous. Recently, the Bling Empire, a new Netflix series has driven a huge craze among the viewers. One of the notable stars of this series is Kevin Kreider and today, we are going to talk about a few facts regarding this star. The Bling Empire features an ensemble cast and Kevin has created a lot of buzz among his fans off late. 

Talking a bit about this star, Kevin has originally come from Los Angeles and he is certainly a newcomer to the industry. He has got a good group of very wealthy Asian and Asian American friends along with that of his heiress, namely Anna Shay. There’s no doubt in the fact that Kevin is absolutely charming and in just such a very short span of time, he has become quite demandable among his fans. Everyone started liking him so much! No denial to the fact that Kevin is already a star on the rise, but definitely, with the Netflix series, he could boost up his stardom to a whole new level. Kevin has also talked about his past life earlier, and he even talked about his adoption. Here are a few other things that you may love to know about your favorite star:

Kevin was adopted

Well, Kevin has revealed it for himself that he was originally born in Korea and then she got a White family that adopted him. He got adopted when he was just 3 years old. Kevin looks ahead to discover the identity of his parents who gave him the birth. In the episode 4, it appears that his mom has been supportive enough to help him find that out!

Kevin is a model alongside an actor

Not just working as a star, Kevin had been working as a model for quite some time now. Kevin had been modeled for various publications such as the Men’s fitness magazines, Men’s health and more. He is also modeler for Gillette, Peloton along with several other brands. He was the first Asian American to greet the customers in a shirtless manner at the Abercombie and Fitch on the 5th Avenue in NYC. He then got into fitness, and then into TV and film as well. Other than Bling Empire, Kevin had appeared in quite a lot of shorts and TV series such as Dating after College; and then the documentary, The Ugly Model. 

Kevin had an autoimmune disease

It was back in the year 2014 that Kevin got to know that he had Alopecia Areata which causes hair loss on the scalp. It even causes hair loss on the face and various other areas of the body. 

Kevin’s TED talk went viral

Kevin’s TED talk back during the year 2018 went viral wherein he gave a speech upon “Redefining Asian masculinity.” He said, “I imagine a world where Asian men can give wholeheartedly, be vulnerable, share, love, receive love, be limitless in what they do to their communities and for their communities not because of a stereotype,” He added, “And I also imagine a world where Asian men can be cool, be seen as cool, sexy, fun, just like any other race.”

Kevin is single

To all the female fans out here, this is certainly a good news! Kevin is single and is definitely one of the most eligible bachelors. Kevin and Kelly Mi Li went on a date but then again, they were not seen after that and Kevin went back to Andrew. You can find it towards the end of the season. Whatsoever, Kelly and Kevin became good friends ever then. Although Kevin said that he used to hate Kim and had to tolerate only for the fact that she was Kane’s friend. However, his feelings changed over the time, and he patched up with her. 

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