Featured in Forbes for Freelancer Advice: Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet

Featured in Forbes for Freelancer Advice: Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet

Allied Wallet is a global FinTech company that has been known for offering various payment solutions in 196 countries worldwide. The CEO and the Founder of this organization, Dr Andy Khawaja was featured in a new Forbes article that was titled as the “11 Financial Tips Every Freelancer Should Follow.” Dr. Andy Khawaja, who happens to be the Founder of Allied Wallet, was raised for an induction program as a member of the Forbes Finance Council. The primary motif of this programmer was to bring a wealth of experience, success, and knowledge to the group and help its readers as well. The CEO was featured in more than 100 publications all over the world and and his contributions in the field of economic growth, technology and the society is deliberately significant. He further adds on saying about his most notable success with the FinTech giant, the Allied Wallet.

Forbes article focuses on the global economy and culture

The primary focus of this Forbes article is to trace the shift in the global culture and economy. Forbes also highlights on the Spects of traditional work and how things are changing around us. He stresses on this fact saying the constant growth in the trend of part time and full time jobs, wherein you see several people joining the freelancing jobs, meant to earn their living.

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Now, he also says that freelancing could often become a risk, and it could only be categorized as a source of primary or supplemental income. Forbes mentions that this is mostly because self employed individuals need to handle their own savings, taxes, healthcare expenses and more, which can be titled as both a financial and an emotional burden over the individual, thus, making it a hefty load on the individual as a whole.

Dr Andy Khawaja gives advises to the freelancers

If you are a freelancer, and is looking for some sort of advises and assistance, here is Dr Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet and he mentions a list of tips that got released in the Forbes wherein he advises the freelancers and the entrepreneurs to scale their growth carefully and believe in growing beyond their means too quickly. These pointers in his Forbes article served amazingly to freelancers all across the world.

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Dr Andy Khawaja said that one should create as many opportunities as he or she can. One should allow him or her to handle everything that he or she would require to maintain the quality. It is essential to understand that each and every business has got its own praksvand valleys, but the moment you have more opportunities in your hand, you will start having more number of higher peaks and just a fewer valleys. Dr Andy Khawaja has always leveraged his organisation, wherein he works as a mentor and keeps guiding the entrepreneurs across the world to help the community and promote its growth as a whole.

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