Female judges shot dead in Kabul

2 women judges who have been working for the Afghan Supreme court were shot dead. These 2 ladies were killed by the unidentified gunmen while they were going on their way to work on Sunday. The deaths are resemblance of the latest issue in a string of assassinations that targeted the activists, journalists, and different other political figures. The violence came as President Donald Trump had continued a drawdown of the US troops in the nation, and there were only 2500 people left. Besides, the Afghan vice president has also told the BBC that the pull out risks are huge, particularly in such an unstable country. 

The sunday incident explained in brief

The two women were shot dead in an early morning ambush, and it also found their driver who happened to be wounded. The incident basically took place in the Qala-e-Fathullah area of Kabul. There was no group that admitted that it has carried out the attack. As per the suspicion, the area has fallen on the recent assassinations of the Taliban. However, the millitants have not acknowledged about carrying it out. 

There were immense tension that was going on between the Taliban and the Afghan off late and it is suspected that this murder is probably the outcome of the same. 2 people became the victim of the issue without having any kind of faults of their own. Both the Afghan as well as the Taliban representatives talked about peace repeatedly at Doha but it seems that the grudges that instill in the minds of the people will come out some way or the other and this is an evidence of the same. 

Whatsoever, the matter is still under investigation and since the gunmen are not yet identified, the officials are continuing with their inspection to find out the incident in detail. They are trying to discover it from the roots so that the reason behind the murder and the ones who have taken the lives come up deciphered. We still expect peace to prevail over all as grudges and anger can just take away lives and do nothing else. There will only be destruction, and no good can prevail through this! When we talk about the demise of these 2 young females, we consequently pray for peace to come down in the upcoming time. 

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