Geo-Marketing : How GIS can solve business tasks in retail and marketing

Geo-Marketing : How GIS can solve business tasks in retail and marketing
Geo-Marketing : How GIS can solve business tasks in retail and marketing

Information today is the most valuable and most necessary resource. Possession of accurate and reliable information is an essential condition for success. However, it is equally important to be able to work effectively with data.

The methods of working with data are continually being improved, and it is now customary to use information systems for these purposes. The use of maps, or rather data visualization marketing, brings significant economic benefits to its business users. Geomarketing is radically changing the quality of working with data and, at the same time, falls into the familiar paradigm of business processes of marketing specialists.  Marketers, brand managers, and sales specialists already rely on GIS capabilities all over the world, so maybe it’s time for you to learn what retail marketing software can offer.

Geospatial information for business purposes

More than 80% of all information in the world is spatial data. According to many psychologists, most people think more efficiently if the problem they are interested in is presented in the form of a picture, graph, drawing or diagram. There are specialized information systems within Geographic Information Systems, to work with spatial information for marketing purposes, like retail marketing software.

Using GIS infused retail marketing software with linked databases on population, economy, infrastructure, affinity points, billboards, etc. businesses can solve tasks, such as:

  • Optimal placement of a retail / retail / gas station (branch)
  • Optimization of product delivery routes
  • Analysis of the competitive environment
  • Delivery control and many others

Of course, such solutions require accurate digital maps with geographic coordinates. Aspectum uses multiple datasets, including data on population, economy, retail infrastructure, entertainment, etc. You may find a lot of “free maps – download” on the Internet. But this is just a static illustration. Our experience shows that even a ready-made map needs to be “completed” for the client and his tasks.

Aspectum offers retail marketing software that includes the most modern technology for mapping and analysis of real-world objects, as well as events occurring on our planet. This technology combines the traditional operations of working with databases, such as query and statistical analysis, with the advantages of full visualization and spatial analysis, which the map provides. As a result, Aspectum GIS offers unique opportunities for solving a whole range of tasks related to the analysis and forecasting of the phenomena and events of the surrounding world, with understanding and identifying the main factors, causes, and patterns, with planning strategic decisions and the current consequences of the actions taken. 

Geo-marketing: GIS for Marketing and Sales

Marketing research based on GIS technology, called “Geo-marketing research.” GIS allows you to combine and analyze heterogeneous data, such as infrastructure of the territory, information about partners and competitors, sales volumes, demographic situation, location and movements of customers, their needs and lifestyle, research materials, surveys, etc.

Spatial market analysis can be done with the help of retail marketing software and ultimately helps determine which products and services are best suited to the lifestyle and incomes of residents of a particular locality. And it also can help forecast what effect various factors have on sales and demand for specific types of goods. In this case, it is possible to identify dependencies, patterns, and trends that are not obvious when conducting marketing research by traditional methods. As a result of GIS marketing research, service reserves are discovered that are unnoticed by competitors, optimal locations for placing billboards, new placement of outlets, and much more.

The results of GIS marketing research, in conjunction with other research materials and statistical data, can be laid in the foundation of business development planning. GIS provides a convenient means of finding a suitable place for a new store, warehouse, service center, or branch of a bank. Aspectum GIS allows you to compare various factors, such as the infrastructure of the territory, the location of social and commercial facilities, the location and movement of potential customers, the influence of partners and competitors, etc.

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