Governor Cuomo is in no position to brag about the response to the New York coronavirus


Governor Cuomo is shooting the soccer ball, wetting the basketball and running across the soccer field taking off his shirt. He's spraying champagne all over Albany. He is Muhammad Ali standing on the wrinkled form of Sonny Liston in 1965: Boom, take that, coronavirus. Woo-hoo! Victory! Only 31,000 deaths. New York suffered the equivalent of 9/11 times 11 but. . . Hurrah?

"You played politics with this virus and lost," Cuomo said in an interview Thursday, referring to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, with whom Cuomo is striking a bizarre dispute to rival his completely absurd ongoing war with his liberal partner. Democrat, Mayor de Blasio. .

"It is now undeniable that this country paid a terrible price," Cuomo continued, suggesting. . . Than? What other states lacked the wise wisdom of Andrew Cuomo, coronavirus killer? Thirty thousand families in New York would like a word.

Rather it seems that COVID-19 won. If any entity deserves to boast, it is the cupcake of Satan, with 31,000 graves to dance. And if DeSantis, as Cuomo claims, "lost", the score does not reflect it. Florida has a larger population than New York State, but has recorded less than a third of coronavirus cases. Florida has seen 15 COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 residents; New York, 160. With 46,000 deaths between them, New York and its brother New Jersey have combined for more deaths than France, Spain, and Italy.

Cuomo has received a lot of public credit for taking the pandemic seriously and for being calm and straightforward with the statistics. But he still refuses to admit the mistake of his disastrous March 25 directive, which remained in effect until June 10, to force nursing homes to accept infected people, though his story of who is to blame for the number continues to change. of dead in those facilities. Now it is all Trump's fault; now it is the staff of the nursing home.

His latest gambit, declaring that New York's alleged victory over the disease was truly a love affair that conquered everything, while insisting that the real problem lies in states where there have not been as many deaths as his, always delights the media. eager to play along with a propaganda campaign the red states are evil. Relative death counts tell a different story.

Kyle Smith is a general critic for the National Review, from which this column was adapted.


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