GTA 6 on the PS4 platform? Will Rockstar games make it compatible for GTA 6?


GTA vice city really made us the players we are today, thanks to Rockstar games for giving us the game which changed our perception towards gaming. As the latest game that they have released is GTA 5 in which the protagonist is not restricted to one person but three are employed, unlike the other instalments where only one protagonist was used. This game has also seen a huge success and many new things were experienced by the players who were really thrilled to play this wonderful game. In short, Rockstar GTA series is one of the most popular and sought-after games which is an action-adventure, open world, and role-playing game.

So, having been a prominent name in the world of gaming how Rockstar games can make GTA 6 influence the players who are keen to play it on a PS4 platform? We too do not know how they are going to make this game but we are sure that they will run rampant with GTA 6 also. But the question remains in our mind is will they make it PS4 compatible? We have an answer for that and if you want to know the answer then please read on to find more.

With virtual reality in the process to take over the world with its magic, we think the brilliance that GTA 6 can bring along with VR on to PS4 will be immense. Having said that, the release date for GTA 6 is likely thought to pass the year 2021 so, we might not get a chance to play this wonderful game on the then obsolete console PS4. However, we are just anticipating and nothing has been confirmed, neither from PlayStation makers nor from Rockstar games. And if by any chance PS5 will not be launched at the time when the new GTA 6 will be launched then by default they will use this platform to increase their sales and fan following.

I personally feel that GTA 6 should be made playable only on the next generation console i.e. PS5, given the Virtual reality could make it more fun to play should they somehow pull it off on GTA 6.

We are years away from the release dates of the next generation console and GTA 6 game, all we can do is speculate and try to get some leaked news from some sources who can help us get some inside news of their dates.

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