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The difference between doing tasks and learning for students depends on their attitude. As true as that statement is, many students still view learning as a task they have to accomplish to impress their teachers and parents rather than better themselves. Research reveals that students who are learning-oriented are more attentive, and they also go more profoundly for the sake of understanding rather than passing exams. The study also shows that such students develop a better feeling about themselves in the process of learning, thus boosting their self-esteem. This is also related to writing an essay as students are acquiring new information from the different sources. Of course, they can ask experts from to help with getting positive goals too. For a student to become learning-oriented, it just requires a few simple ways that help the learner realize the importance of their education in their future. Engage these learners in the right attitude and give them the correct direction. They will eventually have a completely different mindset, especially those who have a negative attitude towards learning. 

Students need to know the following:

  • Asking and finding answers to a question anywhere and anytime,
  • Acquiring study 7skills which include reading, taking notes, conducting research and practicing,
  • Finding and evaluating supplementary study resources,
  • Taking advantage of the time, they spend with their professors,
  • Finding and collaborating with peers,
  • Finding mentors in professional fields,
  • Efficient time management
  • Overcoming inertia

Movies are a great pastime, especially for those who love watching. However, they are not only a form of entertainment but also a way we can get some valuable lessons like how to help a student become self-reliant. The following are some movies that have good themes at illuminating several ways students can take charge of their learning.

A Beautiful Mind Method.

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From this film, we get the following insights from John Nash as he was dealing with schizophrenia:

  • Employing new study skills,
  • Taking charge of his learning,
  • Figuring out ways to succeed,
  • Knowing what to ignore

The above skills are essential for anyone who wants to reap the best from their learning for their benefit.

Apollo 13 Method.

From this method, we learn that no matter how bad a situation may be, you can still make it out if you try harder. You only fail when you stop trying. Whenever a student goes through challenges, they shouldn’t give up or feel negative about it; instead, they should focus on finding the solution to a task at hand.

Catch-Me-If-You-Can Technique. 

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We learn that setting your mind to do something and seeing it through really pays off. Frank Abagnale knows how to survive after his parents separate, and he makes a fortune even though he is later captured and jailed. There is no limitation to what someone can accomplish. It all starts with the desire and the willpower to fulfill their goals. Gaining expertise comes from engaging in small tasks that you can excel in a short period. Over time, you can start doing bigger and bolder projects after gaining enough confidence.

Ground Hog Day Method.

Redoing something over and over again takes a toll on a person. Students who retake courses or some exams should learn that repetition is a waste of resources. Furthermore, doing what you need to succeed is easier than being docile and failing every time.

Prophet of the Restoration Method (Joseph Smith).

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We attain the following principles for learning from the movie:

  • A study by faith,
  • Look for knowledge out of great books,
  • Seek counsel from worthy teachers and professors,
  • Pray.

Lorenzo’s Oil Method.

We can learn from the movie that anyone can be the best at anything they choose to do. It is possible to outdo your peers and your teachers if you dedicate yourself to doing something while focusing on the result. Learning is a continuous process, and anyone can be anything.


Taking charge of your learning is not a process that happens overnight. It takes time and consistent practice—all the best as you bring out the best in you.

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