Sports management career offers various opportunities and benefits to excel and grow in professional life. It comes with a lot of perks and also ensures a high salary with job security. Sports management provides you various career options, and you can choose a specialization program according to your interest. 

The professional positions available in sports management requires you to attain a relevant education degree with particular skills. From marketing to management, there are different positions that you will be working on during a professional career. But you need to know the requirements of this profession’s career options to make up your mind. This article will help you understand the highest paid careers in sports business management to help you make the right decision. 

Business Administrator 

You need to have some specific traits if you are passionate about building a sports business management career. All businesses consist of people, and the same goes for sports. Individuals working in this field need a leader who can provide them the right direction to follow to achieve a common goal. Business administrators in sports management are required to work as a corporate leader to manage all operations successfully. 

You can choose the business program for sports management majors if you want to take an administrative role in the future. You may also opt for a masters’ degree later in your career to attain an advanced education. It will also help you to get a job with a higher pay scale. An individual with skills in sports management combined with the business administrator education can secure your future. 

Sports Agent 

It is one of the highest paying careers that involve the responsibilities to assist athletes in managing their careers. As a sports agent, you can choose which sport you want to work in. Your primary responsibility is to maintain a customer base. Strong communication skills are essential for sports agents. It helps you in negotiating contracts on behalf of customers. Managing the positive public image of athletes is also included in sports agents’ responsibilities. Bachelor’s degree in sports management, finance, or public relations is required if you want to be a sports agent. At last, you have to pass a test that is related to the sports of your choice. 

Sports Data Analyst 

Out of all career options in sports business management, the sports data analyst is one of the promising careers. Your responsibility is to gather and keep track of the team, athlete, or game statistics. Using these statistics, you have to predict the outcome of performance in the future, aid in making better decisions for the sports business. 

Your role as a sports data analyst can fall into two categories. The first one is business, where you need to help the team to improve their performance. Your second role could focus on guiding the fans about athletes who want to know about athletes. It is a more time-consuming job that requires you to dig deep down and find information to answer questions during games. 

Marketing Manager 

As a marketing manager, you need to acquire a particular set of skills to accomplish your career goals. Good communication with a creative mindset makes you the right man for this position. You will be working with teams, associations, and marketing companies related to sports to strengthen their brand image. It may also require you to work in different working hours, traveling to attend events, and meeting with clients. 

Marketing management is one of the most challenging sports management positions, as it involves various duties. You have to manage and develop the budget for the sports teams or franchises and collaborate with sales staff to enhance returns and profit. Creating results-driven marketing campaigns will also be one of your duties. Bachelor’s degree is mandatory to become a sports marketing manager, so you need to take steps accordingly. 

Sports Accountant 

If you have an interest in finance, then this position may seem interesting to you. Sports accountants are responsible for managing the finances of the sports organization. You need to fulfill the responsibilities of the general accountant. It includes processing payroll and looking after cash flows. It is one of the high paying jobs in sports management that you have to consider. 

Other responsibilities of the sports accountants include managing tax documentation, analyzing financial performance and revenue, ticket sales, and much more. Bachelor’s degree is required to become eligible for this position. If a designation requires file reports with the exchange commission, you need to be a certified public accountant. 


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Choosing sports business management as your professional career could prove the right decision for you. But you must be aware of all the career options and their rewards to make the right choice. You cannot achieve your goals unless you do not know about a particular position’s responsibilities and requirements. 

Education is essential to growing in any field, but you also have to acquire particular skills to overcome all your career obstacles. Hopefully, this guide will provide you a better insight into the highest paid careers in sports business management. It will give you a clear idea of where you fit in and what is suitable for you. 

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