Holly Willoughby says that she is just about holding on

Holly Willoughby
Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby, this Morning host is all back to present Phillip Schofield after her absence for 2 days with her family. Holly has returned all over again to host This Morning after she has been absent from the show post 2 days since the week had just started. Rochelle Humes did replace Holly and she presented the ITV show along with Phillip Schofield.  She says that, “Hello, Good morning and welcome to your Wednesday morning, it is lovely to be back!” She had even asked while referring to the new announcement since this lockdown, “How are you, I’ve missed you! Are you all okay? I think we are just about holding on.” She gushed, “Still holding on! Happy new year!” A source who has been close to Holly did say, “Holly’s absence is not related to Covid anyway!”

Sources’ statement for Holly Willoughby 

Holly always had an intention to start this morning on Wednesday. The reason for which she didn’t join Phil in the studio today is mostly due to the fact that she could not fetch the child care during the last minute while she had asked to push her start date forward. Phil, who has just done a fresh back since the break of the Christmas eve had explained on Monday morning, “Hiya and happy new year. Welcome to the very first This Morning of 2021.” It further stated about Holly who would be spending a couple of extra days along with the family and that’s the reason for which Rochelle is here. Good morning Britain’s Susanna Reid along with Piers Morgan did return to their usual hosting slots all over again on Monday with the other ITV hosts.  Holly had missed the show during the last November while her young kids had to get the tests done for Coronavirus.  

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Holly’s 11 year old kid, Harry and Belle who is just 9 years old along with the 6 years old, Chester had been exhibiting the symptoms of Covid 19 but they had all been tested negative. Phillip made the situation light by cracking a joke about the absence of Holly for her secret starring on The Masked Singer. He even stated that Holly is not there on that day. Rochelle laughed at the statement of naughty Phillip when he said that the latter do not want to spoil the surprise.

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