How Blackjack Strategies Differ from Sports Betting Strategies

You stand a better chance of winning at any type of betting if you have a solid strategy. Yet, it would be wrong to think that the same strategies work in every type of gambling. If we look at the game of blackjack, we can see how the most popular strategies differ from those used in sports betting.


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Understand the Basic Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack is a game of luck, as you never know what card will come out next. It isn’t like sports, where past results can be used to make an informed decision on what you think will happen next.

The good news is that there are some basic strategy sheets that you can use to help you out. These are presented in the form of tables that tell you whether to hit or stand based upon your cards and the dealer’s first card.

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You also need to read the blackjack rules fully. For instance, we can see on the Paddy Power site that a two-card hand with an ace in it is known as soft because it is impossible to bust on it. You will want to understand the differences between American and European blackjack too.

It isn’t going to lead you to a win every time, but consistently using the correct basic strategy maximises your chances of winning as many hands as possible. When you start playing, it makes sense to have these sheets to hand at all times.

The Use of Progressive Systems

As with sports betting or any other type of wagering, good bankroll management is vital. In blackjack, this is often done by using a progressive stakes system such as Martingale – which is also used in investing – or Paroli.

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This type of strategy will involve you increasing your stakes on your next hand or not, depending upon the outcome of the current game. For instance, you might double the bet if you lose or increase by a different factor if you win.

Some people claim that this is the best way of trying to beat the house edge, which is generally quite low in this card game. Others think that any progressive system is flawed, as your stake size could soon grow too large for you to carry on after a run of successive wins or losses.


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Advanced Strategies – Doubling Down and Splitting

Experienced players can try to tip the odds in their favour by using some of the more advanced options that are available in blackjack. The most commonly seen of these are doubling down and splitting the hand.

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You may want to double down when you feel that you are in a strong position to win the hand. Doing this means that you double your original bet but only receive one more card. Splitting is when you use the cards in your original hand to form two new hands.

These are fairly aggressive strategies, as you are increasing the size of your original wager. In some way, it can be compared to in-play sports betting moves when you increase your bet on a game that is going your way. You need to feel confident that you are in a strong position to do this.

By using the most popular blackjack strategies, you can feel more in control of your betting, although none of these approaches will guarantee that you win.

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