How did Logan Paul get famous?

Who is Logan Paul?

In an age where YouTube has become the most obvious and happening medium to create an identity, the American YouTuber Logan Paul didn’t leave any chance to make his stint in the same. Yes, due to the love he garnered because of his fans, he became a famous YouTuber. If the list of famous YouTubers is generated, then his name comes in the top 10. He rose to fame due to his vine videos by becoming a star and heartthrob for millions. No doubt for Logan Paul, a big part of earning is generated through YouTube.

Logan Paul’s net worth

The popularity and the huge fan base have created an outstanding Logan Paul net worth  which has an estimate of $25 million as on February, 2020. This has seen a steep rise from 2019, when it was $19million. However, he has often denied having the exact net worth where he can be seen telling that he has much lower value than what people would normally associate. Yes, even if you Google the term “Logan Paul’s net worth”, he can be clearly seen telling that he has way lower of net worth than that. 

Logan Paul doesn’t shy away from telling that his earnings are mostly concentrated through this two YouTube channels. As per the estimates, he earns over $11 million on annual basis. He mints lots of money, as he has a huge fan following and even the advertisers know that whatever he says and promotes, has a long and never ending reach. Hence, one of the facts which can create a pleasant surprise for the stature of a man who has charged over $80,000 for sponsored content through his social media such as Instagram along with $1,50,000 for Facebook. He has also done several brand endorsements for renowned companies in the name of HBO, Hanes etc. He got “Teen Choice Award” in 2017. 

Logan Paul and a controversy

Social Media is the instant platform to be heard and when it comes to famous personalities, then they have the millions of reach within a minimal time. Now, owing to have huge fan base, these personalities have far greater social responsibilities like what should be posted.

However, Logan didn’t think twice towards posting a silly video showing his immature behavior about a dead body while on the way on exploration in Japanese forest. Although, he removed the video soon after, yet it seem that the damage has been done and it generated lots of hate comments. Logan actually recorded the video by zooming into the body of the dead body and reacting upon it. This action didn’t go down well for the citizens as a whole.  He even apologized for his insensitive act and really felt sorry for not able to act wisely. This action although took a toll on his popularity and he had to take a break from his YouTube channel for sometime just to get back on track.

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