How the right SEO agency can help a company

The growth of a company in any business sector depends to a very great extent on the number of orders it is getting. Hence businesses of all sizes are spending a lot of resources in marketing to get new orders from existing customers and attract new customers. Since people of all ages in Singapore are spending far more time online daily, compared to a decade ago, no business can afford to ignore online marketing. Companies are told that search engine optimization (SEO) can help increase the leads generated for the business website. Hence the marketing staff would like to find out how an SEO agency helps a company.

Search engines

Most people interested in purchasing any product or service, for personal or business use are opting to use search engines to find a suitable supplier. Since there are only a limited number of search engines like Google, Bing and Baidu, most internet users trust the search engines and expect them to rank the better suppliers higher. Statistical data also indicates that internet users are more likely to click on websites which are listed on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP) for a keyword related to the item they wish to purchase. A majority of internet users do not bother to check the second page and other SERPs.

Free leads

Hence the business websites which are listed in the first page of the SERP for business keywords will get a large number of visitors from the major search engines. Most of these visitors are potential customers and the conversion rate for these visitors is usually high. So businesses which have invested in SEO will get a large number of new leads, orders from the visitors who have used the search engines. Unlike other lead generation, advertising methods, the company does not have to pay the search engines for the visitors, they will get the visitors at no additional cost, if the SERP ranking is high.


However, there are usually multiple businesses in Singapore who are selling the same product or service and all these businesses have their own website. The search engines usually do not review the business to check the quality of their service or product, they only check the quality of the websites to confirm whether the website is conforming with the search engine guidelines for ranking. So though a business may offer a better product at a lower price, if the website is not well designed or not following the search guidelines for web design, it may not rank well.

SEO agency

Most companies are not selling digital services, so they do not have trained staff who understand SEO. Hence it is better to hire the services of a SEO agency which specializes in optimizing the website of its client, to improve its ranking based on the guidelines specified by the search engine. The SEO agency will check the current ranking of the company website. It will then handle all aspects of SEO like technical SEO, onsite and offsite SEO, keyword research, addition of content, link building till the ranking improves, periodically checking the ranking for relevant keywords and making additional changes if required.

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