How to Practice Mindfulness in Daily Life With BetterHelp

Mindfulness is an excellent way to ground yourself when you’re feeling anxious. It can help with issues such as anxiety, depression, and even pain management. It’s a versatile strategy you can implement into your daily life. You don’t necessarily have to sit down to practice mindfulness meditation. You can do so when you’re walking outside, even if you’re taking a break from work. It could be on your lunch hour that you try a walking meditation. It doesn’t have to be an extensive long practice. You can observe what you see outside mindfully. The purpose of mindfulness is to bring you back to the present moment. Here are some simple ways to practice mindfulness that will improve your mental health.

Walking meditation

Meditation doesn’t have to involve sitting on a cushion with your legs crossed. It can be done in any place. Take a walk outside and observe what you see. You can even say what you observe aloud. Notice the colors around you. If it’s springtime, notice the blossoms. In the fall, notice the different colors of the leaves falling from the trees. In the wintertime, note the snow on the ground. If you live in an urban area, look at the tall buildings around you. Notice the people walking down the street. Smell the scents around you, the odor of the coffee shop in your neighborhood, or the cold feel of the winter wind. Walking meditation is an excellent way to practice mindfulness without having to stop what you’re doing. 

Focus on one task at a time

When you’re doing a task for work, it can be hard to focus. However, using you can stay in the present and remind yourself of what you’re doing. That way, your concentration will improve. You are bringing yourself back to the present. Thoughts will come and go, but using one task to focus on can help you practice mindfulness in your daily life. It’s tempting to try to multitask to get things done but remember – quality over quantity is crucial. When you focus on the work in front of you and attend to it mindfully, you’re going to produce a meaningful project rather than something haphazard and rushed. Mindfulness can improve your productivity. 

Mindful listening

It’s tempting to jump into a conversation when you have something to say. One way to practice mindfulness is to practice listening rather than talking. You don’t have to immediately state your opinion. You can wait and gauge what the other person has to say before saying what you need to say. Active listening is a great way to engage in mindfulness. It’s an underrated and straightforward way to be in the moment. Also, your friend, colleague, or loved one will appreciate that you’re listening to them. It shows respect to care about another person’s words. The more you practice it, the more the other person will listen to you. It also gives you a chance to learn from others. Hear them and take in their experiences. 

Mindfulness and online therapy

Online therapy is an ideal place to learn mindfulness techniques. You can ask your therapist how to incorporate them into your life. Try online therapy with a company such as BetterHelp. You can learn about the company on LinkedIn. Many people are skeptical about online counseling. If you’re on the fence, take a look at some of the reviews from individuals who work with an online therapist. 

It’s accessible on your computer or smartphone here: It’s affordable and flexible, depending on your schedule. Consider trying online therapy and learning mindfulness techniques. It’s easy to worry about your regrets and what could happen in the future. But mindfulness helps you leave that behind. You will be surprised how much value staying in the moment adds to your life. 

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