How to save when buying plane tickets using VPN : recommendations

It takes a lot of time and effort to search for plane tickets at a good price. It often happens that the price of the same ticket differs depending on the country in which the online search is performed. The fact is that websites track the user’s location and show him the price set for his region. The ticket price increase can be affected by the level of welfare of a particular locality and the number of people who are interested in the same trip. privacyonline best vpn online.

In addition, airlines play on human fear. When the user refreshes the page many times and sees the growing cost of tickets, he believes in the existence of objective reasons for this. High demand, for example. As a result, being afraid to be left with nothing, the user overpays for a ticket.

To find more affordable offers, you should use a virtual network (VPN) or debestevpn . So you can hide your real location and choose the needed option without extra charges.

How are users being tracked?


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Cookies are small text files which are sent by a web server to devices and stored on them. They contain information about user actions on previously visited sites. Cookies remember not only account logins, but also, for example, viewed products, date and time of visiting the resource, transitions, etc. For this reason, when you request the same information about tickets for available flights, their price rises.

IP address

For travel websites, this is one of the easiest ways to determine a user’s location and offer a price appropriate for his region. So, for example, using VPN on RUSVPN, you can encrypt your traffic for websites of travel agencies and airline companies.

Geolocation of mobile devices

The GPS on your mobile device can tell a lot about your location. And websites of airlines and tour operators use it very effectively. That’s why, if you are trying to save money, you should disable geolocation on your smartphone or tablet before visiting them.


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Encodings in HTML5 allows sites to track your location if you visit them from a computer.

Wi-Fi network

Having received your permission to track your location wirelessly, the sites of airlines and tour operators for sure will take advantage of this. As a result, you will be shown the price for your region.

How not to overpay for tickets using VPN

  • Enter the websites from the server of the country whose population has low incomes

Example: if you use the server address from Ukraine and visit a ticket search engine, you will see that prices that are not at all the same as those offered to users from the USA.

  • Use the server of the air carrier home country 

By choosing the IP address of the country where the carrier’s office is located, you will pay less for an air ticket.

Other ways to save on tickets

Clear your search history on internet

To see the original prices, you must clear cookies. But there is no guarantee that you will be offered the same low cost as if you used a VPN. According to seasoned tourists, searching different versions of international ticket sites shows different price results.

Use Google Flights to search prices for a specific date.

This tool shows the prices for each day and allows you to choose the date of the flight when the ticket price will be minimal.

Be careful when choosing the date and time of flight

If you are not restricted by any time limits (for example, you are planning a vacation in advance), you can save up to 5% by ordering tickets for international flights from Monday to Thursday. Furthermore, the “golden hour” is considered to be 15:00 on Tuesday – at this time your chances to buy an inexpensive ticket increase. But such tickets are usually sold out very quickly.

Another way to save money is to buy a ticket at off-peak hours: 5:00, 7:00 or after 20:00.

If time allows, combine flights

Experiment with the choice of airlines and flight times. For example, you can choose a connecting flight, which is likely to be cheaper than the direct one. You can also buy tickets from different carriers.

Websites selling online airline tickets do not prevent people from using VPN services for purchasing them. Such a tool allows to save money, which is a legal human right. There is nothing illegal in the fact that a user chooses another region to buy a ticket.

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