How to Use Marketing Automation Software for Your Business: A Brief Guide


When you run a business, you always have an eye on the revenues. This revenue is your goal. But many times, and for many business owners, the actual revenue is very far removed from the goal that they may have set. This can be a frustrating process, but as a business owner, you would need to consciously recognize the opportunities that are hidden in each and every challenge. There are many insights to be gained from failed goals and there are many improvements that can be made thanks to the scope offered by the current business climate. Here’s an introduction to one of the foremost tools that can help you do all of the above even as you reach and conquer one business goal after the other. The tool is none other than marketing automation!

When you have the right marketing automation tool on your side, you will be able to take hours of work and run it through a system within a matter of minutes. This is the power of marketing automation. Before we explain how you can use marketing automation software for your business, you need to understand why your business may need it all. Here’s a quick list of benefits that you will be able to get when you turn to marketing automation software. 

Omni Channel Presence

When you are trying to market your product or service online or even trying to create a viable and revenue earning footprint online, you would need to be present in all of the various corners and quarters of the world wide web. This includes social media, blogs, email and so much more. But how can you do all this and retain a creative approach at the same time? This is where marketing automation comes into play. With the right marketing automation software, this problem can be easily fixed since the software would tap into all the various channels from where data would be captured so as to create data driven campaigns before they are unleashed on to the same channels in order to create a dent in the mind of your key demographic or audience. 

Better Use of Resources

The use of a marketing automation software would also ensure that you are using your resources in a far better manner. Rather than paying salaries to many people from a single team, you can pay a premium price for a few skilled members who will be assisted by a fully automated system when it comes to doing their job – and doing it well. Further, with the use of marketing automation, you will be able to cut through all the chaotic communication and render a clean line of notifications from one member to the other. These automated notifications sent back and forth by the marketing automation software would ensure that you do not have any overlapping or duplication of tasks. It will also give the team members the chance to fulfil their potential and up the rate of conversions and your business’ revenue, in the long run. 

Make Your Data Work for You

The best thing that we have received from the digitization of markets and commerce would be data. Yet, for many people, data is also the worst possible outcome of such operations. This data or the big data, as it is more commonly known now, would pertain to all the information regarding your leads, prospects and customers. In many instances, it would also pertain to the interactions you have had with these parties in which crucial nuggets of information are hidden for further cross selling, up selling and reselling opportunities. It is the job of the marketing team to sift through all of this data and make it available for the business. Yet, this is not possible considering the quantum of data out there in this information age. Hence, we need marketing automation to help us deal with all this data and so that the data is used judiciously and efficiently to create data driven campaigns that would reach out to people in the most efficient manner possible. 

These are some of the goals and benefits that are associated with employing or adopting a marketing automation tool for your business. With a small investment of your time and money, you would be able to show big results. There are many ways in which you can choose and run a marketing automation software for your business. Here are a few key insights:

  • Integrations are some of the most important elements of any and every marketing automation software. The right marketing automation software would offer key and easy integrations with the back end CRM or customer relationship management system that you use so that the information can be stored and retrieved in a centralized manner by team members of various core teams. 
  • Collaborations would be the next crucial point. You would need to check the plan and how many members from various teams can be employed on a single platform and for a single function. This is crucial especially for businesses like real estate where there are a number of people and third parties involved in the closure of a deal or a sale. The marketing automation software should be able to help to call on collaborations like this for the smooth functioning of various operations from a single platform. 
  • Insights and analytics would be another important element that many businesses miss out on. You would do well to ensure that there is a careful and constant measurement of results vis a vis the various actions so that you know where to invest more time and where to render further improvement. This can be classified as a core function of marketing automation. 
  • Templates would be the next important element since you should be able to drive home the point as creatively as possible with pre loaded templates on the marketing automation software you choose for your business growth. 
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