Hugh Hefner’s widow Crystal lost blood in plastic surgery

Today, we are going to talk about one of the latest news regarding a celebrity which is none other than Crystal Hefner who was Mattie to Hugh Hefner, the late playboy founder and she has opened up about the fat transfer surgery that almost killed her. She did undergo this surgery in the month of October last year and that made him lose all her blood. Certainly, it dragged her to a very serious threat risking her life all at once. 

Crystal opening up about her breast surgery 

The former Playboy model who has been 34 years old at present was married to the Playboy founder, namely Hugh Hefner from the month of December in the year 2012 until he died then on September 27, 2017 shared a harrowing procedure of late on her Insta handle last wednesday evening. Crystal took it up to talk about her breast implants which she decided to remove while undergoing a fat transfer energy so as to shape her bust after she went under the knife, it was clear that she almost didn’t make it. She ended up losing half of the blood that she had in her body. 

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The blonde had shared an image recently wherein she showed off her breasts tied up in a bandage and she has been advocating her natural beauty as she was taking out her silicone breast implants. She quoted it saying, “I had a fat transfer surgery October 16 and almost didn’t make it through.” She even added on to it saying that she had lost half the blood that she had within her body and thus, ended up calling for a blood transfusion in the hospital. She said that she had been eating my way back slowly and gradually, recovering to health very since then. She added that she has finally been feeling okay! 

Crystal talking about the transplant in brief 

Crystal admitted that it was absolutely her choice to have the surgery wherein she got sucked into the pressure of maintaining the standards of beauty. She even continued on to it saying that she advocates for being natural since she got so ill that she finally decided to remove the implants and all the other toxic things that she had in her body in the year 2016. She even added that she was engrossed in the trap of this fake culture which makes women feel terrible about their own selves and their body as a whole. She also said that physically fake people make things worse, and she had even blamed the social media in her statement. She continued giving the blame to 84.9% movie directors who are male. She said that she must have learnt her lessons the first time but maybe, the universe goes on sending us the same lesson again and again until and unless we actually learn it.

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