‘In Another World With My Smartphone’ Season 2: Complete things you have gained insights about

The world of Anime is massive, considering various levels of confusion, intricacies, happenings, actions and chaos. It depends on the extent of people, who have watched the Anime, while few have been the witness at a very young age and there are others who may have watched later on. but one thing is clear, that everyone become its fan. Based on the same ideology, “In Another world with my Smartphone”, Patoka Fuyuhara is a writer to the same series while Eiji Usatsuka creates all the illustrative part. The task of publication has been taken care by an online portal namely Shosetuka ni Naro  while later on Hobby Japan got its  acquirement for printing and publishing it. 

J-Club is the publisher to the English series of the novel and they have been in the releasing mode of the novel in six weekly parts right through February, 2017. 

As per the rights, Production Reed got hold of the television adaption of this Anime which was in the air right from July 2017 till September 2017. The license to airing the content was held with Crunchyroll. 

As the Anime was released, it found enough popularity where both critics and fans appreciated to the core. Hence, there is no doubt, that everyone is looking forward for the second season.

Do we expect a second season for “In another world with my Smartphone”?

‘In Another World With My Smartphone” is a Japanese Anime. The production is taken care by Reed Production. There hasn’t been any official confirmation about the second season and based on further development, we will be updating the same. However, it is clear that Production Reed has given lots of indication and is hopeful of creating another story, so based on the same, it is looking forward to continue with the story. Hence, loads of hope is there that the second season is going to continue for sure. 

Which is the place to find the English dubbing of series?

Well, Anime Watch is the platform where you can watch the English subtitles and that will give you an easy approach of watching the series in English. 

How is the plot for “In Another world with my Smartphone, unfolds?

The plot starts with the 15 years Touya, a boy whose dies an untimely dealt by an accident with the bolt of lightning created by God. After his death, God feels for him and gives him another life on Earth where he gets a wish to ask for. Touya asks for carrying his Smartphone with him. 

Although, he can’t call but he can certainly access internet. His phone had a magic aspect where the battery is recharged all by itself. Besides, getting his life back, there were seven magical abilities which God equally granted him as well. 

Does any trailer consist for the show?

The first season finds a trailer but not the second season as of now, as there hasn’t been any official confirmation whether the show is going to be renewed. 

Can we expect the second season happening?

There is a high chance that the second season will make its practical implementation. Like with any show, when there is an immense popularity, then there is natural expectation of the next season coming very soon and likewise, based on how popular this season has been, there is high hope of the show going to the second season as well. However, to be at a safer side, one needs to wait for the official announcement regarding the same. It is still not clear whether Covid 19 situation has affected new season in any manner. 

Is there any update regarding the production?

There is no official update as of now. With regards to the first season which got into inception on July 2017 and ended in September. Reed Productions which take care of the production has still not made it clear about the tentative date for the second season. However, the optimism lies towards the fact that quite like loads of anime which have been renewed over a period of time and when it is compared with the same, then things do look promising. Also, the material source concerning the manga is still very much there and given the whole scenario there is expectations for the second season of the series in the time to come for sure. 

Is there any spoiler available for Season 2?

The fans are waiting with bated breath to renew the series. Now, based on the continuation of the series, there are expectations that it will coordinate with either Volume Six or Seven of Light novel series. One thing is for sure, that the level of excitement in the minds of the audience can be clearly seen especially as they are looking for a fight between Touya and his harem fighting the Fraze with their giant mechas. But, official confirmation is awaited.

Who are the primary characters of the series?

Although, given the nature of the plot and the associated characters, let’s discuss about the primary characters which are as below:-

Touya Mochizuki

He holds the main plot of the series who belongs to Earth. Being a 15 year old teenager, he is accidentally killed by God’s act. 

As  a mark of remorseful act, God revived him where he is permitted to take one of the belongings from Earth. Touya made Smartphone as the choice where his mobile phone has a magical  recharge capacity, even though he can’t make calls, but he can browse internet. Considering the special powers he has got in terms of Fire, water, light, wind, dark, and null as they constitute as seven attributes of magical energy. 

Interestingly, all through the series, he is mistaken as Eashen which is the name of the name of the country with the resemblance of feudal Japan.

Elze Silhoueska 

Elze is the elder sister who is known to have comparably longer hair with smaller chest. During the rescuing process where Touya has met and helped them from rogues in an alleyway. Elze consists of magical powers where she had enchanted gauntlets which she uses as a tool to fight with. During the travelling spree, she did have affection for Touya, but somehow held back for her sister’s sake. 

Linze Silhoueska 

 Linza has the credit of being the most gentle and patient girl, the group had. But, if the version of Touya is to be believed, she offers quite a fierce competition and is equally scary. As the series progresses, she develops affection for Touya, but doesn’t acknowledge the same. 

Yae Kokonoe 

Yae Konoe belongs to a Samurai family. She left the home to develop and polish her skills as she travels with Touya during the travelling expedition. Later  on, she wants to be a source of helping hand for Touya. However, finally she comes back to Eashen to safeguard his prized family as a provincial war has struck within the country. 

Considering the nature of the above primary characters, there are more to the same and these include secondary ones in the form of Yumina Urnea Belfast, Sushie Urnea Ortlinde, Leen, Hildegard Minas Lestia, Lucia Leah Regulus  as well as Sakura. 

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